Winter Little Adventures

Trees falling down in the wind seems to have become a bit of a winter ritual in our garden.  Every year without fail we lose at least a couple of them.  Although, I hate seeing them come down, it does mean that our log shed is always full and our fires are always roaring!

The girls love taking part in the log collecting and stacking.  So wrapped in their snowsuits and boots, they headed outside in the biting cold to help daddy with the chainsaw!  Although the moment he started it up, they ran screaming from the noise.


Once they realised that the chainsawing bit was all a bit boring and too noisy, they headed off to make snow angels and throw snow balls instead.


snow day

Eventually with bright red noses I managed to get them back indoors, with the promise of a big fire, hot chocolate and a feast of Barny Bears, sent to us as part of the #LittleAdventures challenge from Britmums.  We buy the chocolate Barny Bears regularly, but this time we were trying the new strawberry and apple flavoured ones.  The girls sat in front of the fire gorging on Barny.  The milk ones are still my favourite, I found the new fruit flavours very sweet.  Our youngest however, seems to have a penchant for the apple ones.  So I guess we’ll have to add these to the shopping now too!

Barny Bear
Barny Bear
Barny Bear1
This post is an entry for Britmums “Winter Little Adventures Challenge” sponsored by Barny, individually wrapped bear-shaped sponges with a hidden filling. Find out more about Barny here.

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