Why Why Why

DELILAH!  I’m not really going to blog the Tom Jones lyrics.

It’s official we have entered the WHY’S!  Every single solitary thing, no matter how trivial, no matter how routine or mundane our eldest daughter wants to know why!

I was making breakfast –  why do we have to have breakfast.  Getting washed and dressed – why do we need to get washed and dressed.  Why is that naughty, why am I being bold, why can I not wrap the lead of the vacuum cleaner around and around the cat!  Why is spitting rude, why should I not bite my sister.  Why do we need to tidy up and so the list goes on and on and on.  Honestly I am not exaggerating when I say that it is for absolutely every thing.

She has always been a bright and inquisitive little girl, who has a much wider understanding of things than I sometimes give her credit for.  But wow, this is something else, this is from the moment she opens her eyes to the moment she says why do I have to go to bed and then finally shuts them!  I feel today as though someone has pulled my plug out and every ounce of energy has just drained away.  It is funny, it is endearing, but…. and here’s the clincher.  I get the distinct feeling that she is taking the Mick out of me just a bit.

Everytime she asks one of these “why” gems, when I look at her there is an unmistakable glint in her eye and when I give her an answer, she just shrugs and says oh ok then.  I swear we should never trust toddlers, they are wiley and cunning and are always one step ahead of us, no matter how cunning we think we’re being, believe me they are more cunning than a whole bag of cunning things!

She continually gets one over on me.  It’s turned very cold here again and she has taken a real liking to having the fire lit.  Happy to oblige, I have lugged baskets of logs and peat into the house, set and lit a fire for her, only for her to promptly leave the room and spend the rest of the day in the playroom nowhere near the fire!

Today I was lighting the fire – glutton for punishment, I know.  Anyway I had just opened a box of Sunny Jim fire lighters and was breaking off a few pieces and stuffing them into the grate.  She pipes up and says “what are those things you are lighting the fire with, are they cat pooh?”  She had that glint in her eye, so I reply “No, how would it be cat pooh, it’s in a box, you don’t get cat pooh in a box!”  Madam smarty pants reply  “WHY do you not get cat pooh in a box!” I sigh and reply with, you just don’t, who would want cat pooh in boxes.”   Not to be outdone her retort is “well you might get it in a box, if people wanted to buy it!”

You can’t really argue with that logic, can you?

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6 thoughts on “Why Why Why

  1. I have yet to get to that stage with Joshua however i think teens go back to that stage as that is all beth has said for months! “but whyyy mummm”

    Nightmare :-) xx

  2. Our oldest was like this for a long time and still likes to engage in a conversation about everything and anything if he thinks he has your attention. I also found it very draining and did also feel that it was at times a form of manipulation so I adopted this strategy “Why do you think?”.

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