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We have had a hectic week, every day we have gone somewhere different and done something different.  I have taken so many pictures that I may have burnt out my camera!

One of our favourite days out though was a trip to the seaside.  The weather was at times a bit cloudy, although it was still very warm.  So we packed up the car and headed for one of our biggest beaches, Portstewart Strand.

portstewart strand

The beach itself is enormous, very long, wide and flat, with delightfully white soft sand.  It is such a big beach that it is a drive on beach.  You can take your car right down the sand and park in your perfect spot, it is controlled by the national trust, so it is regulated, you don’t just get cars driving willy nilly around it.


Once out of the car the girls just went crazy, they charged around while we unpacked, then came the sandcastle building, beach ball throwing and of course the venture into the sea.  Bearing in mind it is the North Atlantic, the water is cold, very cold.  However, the dedicated surfers and swimmers don’t seem to notice.  Our girls were no exception, they had to get their swim stuff on and hit the waves.

portstewart strand


portstewart strand

in the sea at portstewart


in the sea



We ended up staying there until around 17.00, at which point the tide was starting to come in and the national trust truck was driving along advising all the cars to reverse back.  We took this as the perfect cue to prise the girls away and they accepted without protest that the tide was coming in and we would have to go.

However, we didn’t go home.  Our eldest girl asked could we go somewhere else, so we threw cation to the wind and headed around the coast into Portrush.  Portrush is a traditional seaside town full of arcades, amusements and rides, it also has three sandy beaches.

So we took the girls to the rides first, they went on the big carousel three times, the mini rollercoaster twice and a whole series of other little outdoor planes, trains and automobiles!  We bought seaside tat, balloons, balls and naff cheap toys.  They loved it.







Finally by 7.30pm, we persuaded them that they had to eat and then we would have to go home.  We bought fish and chips and drove to the East Strand beach.  We spread our picnic blanket on the grass above the beach and sat together enjoying the start of sunset, eating our chips.  As the sun finally started to sink, we bundled them into the car and set off for home.  It was a long happy day, they weren’t in bed until 9.30pm and they just tumbled in exhausted.  We had so much fun, that weather permitting we are going to do it all over again on Sunday – hopefully this time we might get home tat free though!

chips by the sea



As usual, I am linking this post up with Coombemill‘s lovely Fiona, the hardest working farmers wife I know, for CountryKids, her weekly showcase of our outdoor fun with our children.  Why not pop across and join in the fun?

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28 thoughts on “We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside-Country Kids

  1. What a perfect fun day! We live very close to the seaside and your post reminded me of the places we can visit near us.
    I love that you can drive your car onto the sand too x

    • It is a brilliant beach Lauren, really wide and long, I think it’s just over 2 miles, the cars all park in rows facing the sea, but out of the way of all the play. It is great having the car with you, no carrying all your stuff down steps :)

  2. That beach is stunning, and I love the photos of the girls heading in to paddle – I remember being oblivious to the cold at that age too, not now :) The fun fair looks great fun, but good luck on leaving without tat the next time…!

  3. fish and chips on the seaside! what is more perfect than that. IM with you as well, never undertsand how the kids can cope with the cold seas! gorgeous pics

    • it’s hard to beat a bag of seaside chips. I really don’t know how they stood the cold of the water, I was in to my knees and it was freezing!

  4. What a great day. I love a day on the beach, watching my children play. Flopping into bed tired, at the end of the day, is just the icing on the cake.

    • It was great Cheryl, I managed to keep them awake in the car on the way home, but it was jammies on and straight into bed half asleep :)

  5. You can’t beat a visit to the seaside! Do love that first picture especially, it’s almost like a painting! :)

    • Oh thank you, the weather turned out to be so much better than I expected and there was loads of activity in the sea x

  6. That sounds like such a glorious day! love that you were able to stay down on the sand until the tide came in! Can you tell a clueless Aussie what ‘seaside tat’ is though? I’m intrigued!!

    • It was a fabulous day Jode. hehe seaside tat is the rubbish cheap stuff aimed straight at parents pockets, balloons that lose their air the moment you get them home, silly plastic trinkets and whistles that don’t blow! :)

  7. This beach reminds me of Polzeath where the sand is powdery and we can park on the beach too! How great to have a whole day at the beach and then fun on the seaside rides, thanks for sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  8. Just beautiful. A perfect day really. We have had some long summer days out…just too irresistable…I’m sure other parents were tutting seeing my toddler still running around :O Unfortunately the weather here has turned for the worst but we are still dragging ourselves out and about as we can.

    • People do seem to think that by 7pm all children should vanish don’t they? Thankfully on our day out the place was still buzzing with loads of children. Our weather has taken a nose dive this week too Sabrina, but apparently it’s to get nice again! :)

  9. What a perfect seaside day. You don’t feel the cold once you’re in the sea do you. It is great that they didn’t want to go home – and a seaside trip just isn’t the same without the chips is it.

    • It was a great day Joy, I must admit to being a light weight and I still felt the cold of the water lol. The chips made up for it though :)

  10. wow what a great day at the beach and i love that you through caution to the wind and headed off to another town before heading home. you captured some lovely images from your epic day out and that beach looks so beautiful x x

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