Wave of Light

This month is Baby Loss Awareness month and tonight 15 Oct is the International Wave of Light.  The aim is as always to light a candle at 7pm local time in memory of all the little lost souls.  By making local time means that we create a wave of light around the world.  As each person in each country lights their candle at 7pm, this way the lights burn for 24hrs.

I have always loved this idea and in some of the forums that I was a member of, we used to share pictures of our candle, our light for the worlds lost babies.  Tonight at 7pm, I lit my candle for our baby son and I shed a few tears for him too.  I lit it and left it to burn, in memory of every baby that every parent has had to say goodbye to.

We shouldn’t ever have to bury our children, we shouldn’t ever have to lose a much wanted pregnancy, but of course the sad reality is that we do.  I in 4 of us will lose a pregnancy.  Lighting my candle won’t change a thing, but it acknowledges the pain we feel, the tears we shed and the love that we will forevermore hold in our hearts.

I don’t have much more to say this evening, my heart is heavy and the tears are stinging the back of my eyes.  I just wanted to say to every parent that has lost their baby, I understand, I care and I’m sorry you have suffered this pain.

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6 thoughts on “Wave of Light

  1. Thinking of you and thanks for sharing. A longed for baby that wasn’t to be is a pain you never forget despite the joy of other babies. x

    • You are absolutely right about the pain. It is always there, sometimes people can’t understand why I still have these moments of grief. They think that my daughters should have made me forget that, they don’t understand that he was also my son and I’ll always feel as though a little piece of us is missing. x

  2. I have only just found your blog via Silent Sunday. I wish that I had found this post a few weeks earlier. I am sorry to read that you lost a baby. I had a miscarriage last year. Not everyone understands why a mother wants to hold onto unhappy memories. The only thing that I have to show from that pregnancy is my pregancy medical book and the hospital wrist band that I had when I went in for the DandC. Lighting a candle seems to me like a better way of remembering. I will join the wave of light next year. X

    • I’m so sorry you have suffered a loss too. It really is one of the most dreadful things that can ever happen to a woman. I have taken part in the wave of light every year since losing our son and I just love the thought of all that light shining around the world for our babies. It is usually around the same date every year. If you are on Twitter or Facebook there is a group called Baby Loss Awareness, they post reminders on the run up to the date. x

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