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We are very fortunate to have our own private woodland on our land.  One part of it is quite ancient and planted long before we took up residence.  The second part is a new addition added during our time, by the Forestry Commission.  Our little tree legacy for the future.  As part of the most de-forested country in Europe, we wanted to give a little back.  It has been there for the best part of ten years now and so the trees are all filling out nicely and will, I hope become as appealing as the ancient part.

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The weather has been amazingly good, so we decided to take a walk to the woods to see how the Bluebells were coming along.  In springtime, it is just a beautiful carpet of them.  The adjoining fields usually have cattle in them and they used to be able to wander in and would trample them all down, before we even got a chance to see them in all their glory.  However, there are now a few Badger sets in there, which pose a risk to cattle breaking a leg in a hidden set entrance.  So the farmer who rents our fields fenced it off and put a gate on, so now the cows can’t get in there and destroy it all.

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The woods are just over half a mile from our house, down our back lane winding past the fields.  Our girls have never walked the full distance before, certainly at 16 months, I didn’t expect the little one to make it and was prepared to carry her.  However, she wouldn’t hear tell of it and marched proudly along and made it all the way on her own little legs.

As expected the Bluebells are not out just yet, but the green shoots are everywhere.  We can’t wait to go back in a couple of weeks, when I think they will be spectacular.

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Once more I am linking up with the brilliant Older Mum (in a muddle) blog, to take part in the Winter One Week, hosted by the lovely Sarah. Why not pop over and link up too.

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10 thoughts on “Walk on the Wildside -#One Week

  1. This is lovely – your home sounds fabulous – and all that land – what a beautiful place for two little girls to grow up in. And how lucky to have all those bluebells on your doorstep!

    • It is a great place to explore Sarah, although sometimes I worry that we are too far away from other people. I know once they start school, they will probably want to be closer to their friends

  2. Lovely. It sounds like you have some good little walkers there! I hope that you are going to post some photos of the bluebells for #oneweek in spring. x

    • They both started walking at about 9 months and haven’t sat down since! I will definietly be back to get some Bluebell photos

    • It was so lovely and then the frost suddenly returned, but it was nice again today and I think it’s to get better next week…hopefully

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