The North Wind Doth Blow # One Week

As this is the last day of #OneWeek – winter linky hosted by the lovely Sarah of Older Mum (in a muddle), I decided to change the original post I had planned and opt for this one instead.  The weather suddenly decided to change from murmurings of spring, back into winter again.  It seemed fitting that I therefore end my contribution to One Week with some wintry pictures.

After being full of the joys of spring, this morning we awoke to everything being crisp and frosty, a sharp reminder that winter hasn’t disappeared just yet.  We ended up having to bundle up in snowsuits again!

2012-12-12 12.14.39

Todays outside wanderings were crunchy, frost coated ones.  We decided to collect frosty leaves, we I say we, what I actually mean is,  the girls decided to collect little piles of frosty leaves.  They even managed to find a frozen leftover windfall apple in our orchard.  They rolled around on the frost coated grass and even though their little noses were bright red, I had a battle on my hands getting them back indoors.  As the day wore on the North wind began to pick up and it turned really bitterly cold.  It felt like we were in the depths of winter all over again, winter at its harshest.  By the time I had bribed them inside with promises of hot chocolate and marshmallows, my feet were numb!

2012-12-12 12.03.53

frozen apple

I’m hoping that the North wind subsides quickly and doesn’t bring any snow.  It’s time for the new shoots to flourish, it’s time for the anticipation of bright sunny days, an explosion of baby birds, the return of the swallows.  It’s time to smell the freshly cut grass, it’s time for spring.

one week

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16 thoughts on “The North Wind Doth Blow # One Week

  1. Lovely post …. it did just turn suddenly colder didn’t it? Apparently warmer weather is on the way next week! Love the photos, especially the one of the apple and leaves, brrrr – chilly! Thank you so much for joining in again this week. XXX

  2. Oh my, that looks cold. It’s great that your kids are so keen to be outside even in the cold. Do they feel the cold like we do? I think not. Roll on spring, love. Looking forward to see what your kids get up to outside in a couple of months.

    • I can’t wait for spring now. The weather suddenly just nose dived, although I think it’s to pick up again

    • We love our wee orchard Jaime, but we lost a couple of trees last year in a storm, they were great apple producers too. The ones that are left are still pretty good and we have planted some new ones too, although it’ll be a few years before we get any decent fruit from them x

  3. we too had frost this morning and lots of grey that stayed all day but I’m hopeful for the weekend. Lovely to see the girls wrapped up warm and enjoying the outdoors no matter the weather. I often find the children can withstand the cold far more than I can. x

    • I’m staying hopeful too Sarah and yes you’re right my two can stand the cold much better than I can!

  4. The frost makes the ground look like it’s almost been sprinkled with magic dust. Lovely photos and what a nice close to one week of winter.

    • The frost does look lovely and they really don’t feel the cold. I’m looking forward to a bit of heat now.

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