The New Arrival

We haven’t had an outdoors week this week, even though it has been bright crisp wintry weather, perfect for going exploring.  Alas, we have been a house of stomach bugs and sickness and two little girls who just weren’t well enough to venture outside :(  It hit them quite hard, as they are so rarely sick, when it happens it really happens.

So instead of sharing our outdoor fun, I thought I would share with you the newest member of our family instead.  Bloggers, I’d like you to meet Figaro

Figaro is a rescue cat, she’s 9 months old and was sadly dumped at a vets when she was only 6 months old and was pregnant! She went to the animal sanctuary and once they had weaned and re-homed the kittens, Figaro was spayed and nursed back to full health again.

Our eldest girl has been going on at us for ages now about a cat. So we decided to go to the sanctuary and see what they had. We met this little lady and fell in love with her, she is the most affectionate cat I’ve ever met, her purr button seems to be jammed on permanently. She may also be the answer to our persistent mouse problem! The farmers took a very late last cut of silage and I’m convinced that is why we have had 3 times the amount of mice this year, they’ve been driven out of the fields.

Figaro has already made herself at home and is remarkably tolerant of two little people constantly wanting to play with her. We also haven’t seen or heard a mouse since Thursday, so fingers crossed, her arrival might have made them pack their bags!

So that’s been the highlight of our week, hopefully normal outdoor service will be resumed next week.

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2 thoughts on “The New Arrival

  1. Delighted to meet you Figaro, I look forward to seeing lots of outdoor adventures with Figaro too. My parents cat used to actually go for walks with them but ours barely leaves the garden and certainly not the farm!

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