The Mud Monsters

It has been a real outdoors week at our house this week.  It’s been cold but dry and crisp and the girls have so much energy to burn off – so what better way to do it.  I’ve been trying to get rid of the tons of leaves that are everywhere, but with a baby who now decides to make a break for freedom every time my back is turned, I had to give up and wait until the weekend when Daddy is here to either get rid of the leaves or be run ragged by his daughters!

Sod’s law though, it then decided to rain 2 days in a row, so the leaves are now a soggy mess and won’t move quite as easily with the leaf blower.  So having abandoned the leaves, I opted for puddle jumping instead.  We went for a walk down our back lane between the fields.  The cattle were only moved indoors a few ago, so the lane is quite churned up by both the cows and the tractor, leaving enormous muddy puddles.

With our wellies on, I just thought, I don’t care how dirty they get, they’ll wash and their clothes will wash.  They couldn’t really have gotten any dirty than they did, but the fun they had ,was worth the muddy kitchen and two cycles in the washing machine for their clothes!

 I couldn’t get her away from these tiny puddles, she thought this was it and kept running back – little did she know what lay around the bend!

 Big sis shows her how it’s done

Are we dirty enough yet?

Maybe I can get a bit more mud on me, before we go home.

Pass the stain remover! 

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9 thoughts on “The Mud Monsters

    • It was real messy fun. Thank you, she’s a bit of a hat Diva, can’t resist a hat, or any other thing she can get on her head!

  1. Love it and I bet they did too, once you put your mind in the “oh just let them go for it” frame then as you say it really doesn’t matter. What’s two wash loads against an afternoon of fun? Thank you for linking up, makes me want to put the wellies on right now and get out there!

  2. It really was the best fun and I turned a blind eye to the carnage and thought, soon enough they’ll be at school all day and I won’t be able to do these things with them x

  3. Yes that is certainly a lot of mud! The best fun ever though. My wee man is the same gets stuck in one puddle and I’m hilariously trying to get him to jump into all of them!

    • It really is brilliant fun, I love seeing them just go crazy without a care in the world. They don’t care that they are filthy, freezing and soaking :)

  4. I love the mess and fun in this post!! I think it is so worth it if it keeps them busy and happy…my twins seem to look like that often lately lol! Those pics are so cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog recently x

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