The Little Balloon

Our girls had a multi coloured Winnie the Pooh helium balloon that a friend bought them.  It has been stuck to the playroom ceiling pretty much since they got their mitts on it and let it go.  It had began to shrink as the helium seeps out.  So about a week and a half ago, I decided to let it go.

I opened the front door one of those cold wintry evenings and just let it go.  I said to my husband in passing that I was sending it up to our son, so he could share the balloon.  He replied by saying “wouldn’t it be strange if we saw a shooting star right now”.  Some of you will know that we bought and named a star after our son, so they do have a bit of significance and shooting stars always give me a little buzz.

My reply to my husband was “it would be even stranger if we got up in the morning and the balloon was back!”  Just a throw away remark really, I didn’t honestly think for one minute that the balloon would be there.  I had watched it float up over our trees and out of sight.

This morning, a week and a half later, I was the first one up in our house.  I was standing in the kitchen in the quiet, drinking a cup of tea, watching the morning light begin to creep in, listening to the rain pounding against the glass.  When I noticed something small and silver stuck in the window box outside my kitchen.  Curiosity getting the better of me, I braved the wind and rain and went out to retrieve it.  This is what was stuck amongst the plants in my window box



I kid you not, this little half deflated silver star helium balloon was just sticking there tangled in the dead bits of plants. I know that this is nothing more than an absolute fluke, a total coincidence.  Some of you will know that I totally don’t believe in anything like this,  but I can tell you that my heart was thumping in my chest.  I stood there in the pouring rain for what felt like forever, clutching this balloon.  My head was reeling and I was filled with the overwhelming sense that this balloon was meant to end up underneath my window.

Whether it was or wasn’t, doesn’t honestly matter.  What I do know is that I spent all day feeling complete, feeling as if one missing piece had been put back.  Believe it or not, I also washed the mud off the little balloon and put it in a cupboard in the dresser.

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21 thoughts on “The Little Balloon

    • I was truly blown away, I know it’s a complete fluke, but we live so far away from anyone remotely balloon age that it must have travelled quite a distance

  1. Oh that is truly wonderful. How special – even more so with the balloon being a star. I’m a firm believer in little signs. I’m so pleased you cleaned it up and kept it in a drawer xx

    • Thank you Helen, I was really speechless the day it happened & it did feel like it was meant to reach us. I couldn’t throw it away, I had to bring it in & keep it :)

  2. How magical, and even if it was just a pure coincidence, if it made you feel good then what’s the harm in pondering its significance xx #magicmoments

  3. A beautiful story. Like Helen above, I believe in these little signs too, and even if it was a coincidence, what really matters is how it made you feel, and the connection it gave you. xx

    • It really was a very strange coincidence and certainly for that day I felt as though it was meant to happen

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