The Joy of S……shopping!

My husband was off work on Monday in lieu of St Patricks Day, so we  I decided that the girls really needed some new clothes.  Off we went into town in the pouring rain, sleet and snow.

We went into Next and I somehow managed to spend £320 just on clothes for them – Jaysus, I’ve driven cheaper cars! I got bugger all and my hubby, well, he got ziltch too.

We went for a nice lunch and of course ended up going to the book shop and coming out of there with more bags.  On arriving back home, I started to unpack the clothes and get our eldest to try them on.  She’s quite hard to buy clothes for, because although she’s not 3 for another week, she is very tall and gangly.  She needs an age 4 in her leg length, but then ends up with the waistband adjusted so much to get them to stay up that it looks like she has no bum!  This is made worse of course by the fact she’s nappy free, so there is no padding to help keep them up either.

We got to the last outfit, the one her daddy chose and yes it is lovely.  However, the numpty lifted age 2-3, despite the fact I’d told him seven hundred and fifty three times that she needed 3-4 or 4-5 depending on the outfit.  Stupidly, I trusted him with this one simple task and didn’t think to check in the shop.

Needless to say, there wasn’t a snowballs chance in hell of this outfit fitting her.  So with much grumbling, tutting and sighing, I decided that I would nip down and change it.  He dared to suggest I wait until the weekend when he was off again……..WHAT, I’m a woman, I have zero patience and couldn’t possibly wait until the weekend (even though she wouldn’t be wearing the outfit just yet)

I haven’t driven since I hurt my shoulder, but it’s feeling much better and I thought it would be fine.  Our eldest came with me and we nipped back into town.  This is were, I will openly admit in writing and in public that I SHOULD have listened to my husband and waited until the weekend.  I parked in a different car park, one that I never park in, but one that is right beside Next.  The car park was busy, however I noticed a great spot, nice and wide, easy to get in and out of and it was empty!  I reversed into the space.  A task that I am good at (even said husband tells me I am better at parking than him and he rarely reverse parks). 

My car has a parking camera, no sensors, but a camera.  I never use the camera, I always use my mirrors and over my shoulder.  This time for some unexplicable (should have listened to your husband karma reason) I used the stupid camera.  Suddenly there is this horrible horrible goddawful crunch.  Our daughter automatically pipes up with “oooh what was that mammy?”  My instant reaction was to say “it was nothing”  Pah, nothing, who was i kidding.  I got out of the car with my stomach in my mouth and walked around to the back.  There sticking out of the wall for no feckin reason other than to break my car was a daft overflow type pipe, about 3 ft off the ground and just at the right height to shatter my back light.

Thankfully it was just the light that it broke and nothing else, but boy I felt as sick as a parrot.  My daughter kept on asking “what was that mammy, what was that noise?” I carried on lying and saying “it was nothing.”  We went into Next and changed her outfit, then left for home.  We walked back to the car and I was hoping beyond hope that I’d imagined the whole thing, but no my light was still broken.

The worst part of all though is the fact that I had to go home and admit what happened.  My untarnished driving record is now in tatters and the stupid light is going to cost me £149 for a new one.  So my day out shopping cost £500 instead of £300.  My husband keeps laughing and humming that stupid Crash Test Dummies song!  So yes, I should have bloody listened to him….but as I pointed out to him, it is actually his fault.  Had he listened to me to begin and picked up the right sized outfit none of this would have happened.  As usual being female I am of course right!

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I am adding this post to the #PoCoLo Post, Comment, Love linky, hosted by the brilliant Victoria of Vevivos. Just so that everyone else can laugh at my misfortune! By the way the light for my car ended up costing me £174!!!! Why not pop across and add a contribution too, it’s great fun

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22 thoughts on “The Joy of S……shopping!

  1. Soooo my kinda post.


    I had a smile on my face all the way through it.

    At least your daughters will look glam in their rocking new outfits.

    If it’s any consolation, in this instance, I don’t think I would have listened to my husband either.


    • I could have kicked myself. The stupid car isn’t even a year old yet and I was the one to do it and not him! They will be wearing those outfits for the next year, whether they fit or not ha!

  2. I have done this too .. fortunately it was in Beths dads company car .. no bill for me! lol it was the only bonus other than beth i got out of him lol

  3. OMG, don’t you just hate admitting it when your OH is right! Men just shouldn’t be allowed to go clothes shopping!! Sorry to hear about your car :S. Could you right to the car park and try for compensation. Thanks for linking up and supporting PoCoLo xx

    • I was gutted and hated having to tell him, I knew he’d be smug! They have a huge disclaimer sign in the car park, so it lets them off the hook :(

  4. I recently did something similar whilst doing a good deed and dropping something hubby has forgotten off to him where he was working. I managed to reverse into the client’s wall which was obscured by their hedge ! Hubby not impressed and I felt SO embarrassed ! Broken light and dented back end of car still not fixed. Ho hum. Won’t be doing any good deeds again for a while ;0)

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