The Gruffalo Girl

This is my entry for mummyconstants Gruffalo competition.  I chose a slightly different kind of animal!  As I seem to be faced by this kind of bombardment all the time, I chose a slightly different predator too!

A mum took a stroll down a shopping mall aisle

A rep saw the mum and it made him smile

Where are you going to looking so amazing?

Come for a chat about new double glazing

It’s terribly nice of you Rep – but No

I have to make lunch for my Gruffalo

A Gruffalo, What’s a Gruffalo?

A Gruffalo, why didn’t you know?

She’s 2 feet tall, with slightly curly hair

She could knock you flat with her toddler glare

Where are you meeting her?

Here by this shop

And her favourite food, is glazed Rep Chop!

Glazed Rep Chop, I’m off Rep said

He turned on his heels and away he sped

Silly old Rep doesn’t he know, my daughters a toddler, not a Gruffalo

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