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We were supposed to be away in the South of Ireland this week, however, a full on outbreak of chicken pox amongst two sets of our friends children, meant that we have postponed.  Our big girl starts nursery school on 2nd September and I didn’t want her missing the first days because she’d caught chicken pox .

So instead of a trip away we’ve just been out and about here doing as much as we can.  We’ve done a spot of kite flying! Well ok, daddy flew the kite, but my little girl held the end of the string.

kite flying

We’ve gone walking and said hello to the new batch of cows in our fields.  We’ve sat on the wall and watched the farmer spraying the fields in his tractor.


cow watching

We went exploring the depths of our spooky forest in search of the Gruffalo – or any other smaller creatures that live there.  We managed to find a ladybird, much to our youngests delight, her favourite book is What the Ladybird Heard!


The ground around our little stream has become a bit overgrown lately.  So while daddy strimmed and cut back the grass and weeds, we did a spot of pond dipping.  The water table is a bit low and therefore the stream is much lower than normal too.  However, we found lots of pond snails, freshwater shrimp and loads of beetles and water boatmen.  The girls were fascinated and captivated by the little world that exists in our stream.  The piece de resistance was when a big frog hopped right across their boots!

pond dipping

pond dip


Pond dipping finished, we went to the orchard with a basket and gathered the first batch of Bramley apples, ready for some pie baking in the next few days.  Hopefully the scores of Blackberries in the hedgerow will ripen in time to be added too.



So although this was not the week we had planned, it actually turned out to be pretty good. We still had lots of fun and discovered lots of new things.  Pond dipping will become a regular feature I think.

I am of course linking up with the fabulous Fiona from Coombe mill for her Country Kids linky.  Why not join in too and enjoy the great outdoors.



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34 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors – Country Kids

  1. It’s a shame to miss a holiday, but you certainly made up for it. The pond dipping looks fun. We found a frog in the garden yeserday. They sure can leap further than toads.Our bramleys aren’t ready yet, so I’m a teeny bit envious of yours! Oh well, not long! I hope.

    • Thank you Cheryl. My Bramleys were really slow for a long time, but suddenly they just exploded and started dropping off the trees, hopefully yours won’t be long :)

  2. Wise decision with the chicken pox, it lasts about 2 weeks! It looks like you had the best time though, your photos are amazing Nichola. I hope it went well with the kite, I remember tangled cords from my childhood although they’ve probably improved dramatically since! The pond dipping sounds like it was just brilliant, so many finds and then the frog. Just wonderful :)

    • Thank you Charly, I hated the thought of her missing her first days at nursery, we can always go away again. The kite was successful for about 10 minutes and then little fingers tangled the string ha :) The pond dipping was great fun and we’ll definitely do that again x

  3. What a lot of lovely outdoor fun – and great photos too! I’m glad your holiday at home turned out to be enjoyable but I hope you get to reschedule your trip soon.

  4. Sorry to hear your trip had to be postponed, chicken pox is a horrid thing. Looks like you had lots of fun though. I love the ladybird shot!

  5. Shame about the week away, but you’ve certainly got up to some lovely activities at home. I love picking fresh fruit and veg and cooking with it, and my toddler is starting to get involved in this too. #CountryKids

  6. The picture of your two girls on the fence is just beautiful! One to frame I think. The pond dipping looks great and well done for helping daddy fly his kite :) This just shows it is really possible to make ‘home days’ like holidays. I’ve got lots more of your blog to catch up on once I’m unpacked and I can’t wait xx

    • Thank you my lovely, I think I’m going to get it as a canvas for the wall. We did end up having loads of fun, we’ll probably go away for the big 2nd birthday in Oct. Glad you had a brilliant holiday too xx

  7. Glad you were able to find some fun to make up for the disappointment of not getting away. I must get outside and gather up some of our Bramleys before they all get eaten or bruised dropping to the ground! #CountryKids

    • Mine started dropping very early this year, so far I’ve been a bit disappointed with their quality, I’m hoping the rest hang on a bit longer x

  8. The dreaded pox, sounds like a wise move by you and with the lovely garden and surroundings you have at home it looks like there is always plenty for the children to do. I love the simple pleasures in life and you have so many of them here in this post. I hope you get your holiday in later in the year. Thank you for the lovely mention and linking up with me too.

    • Thank you Fiona, we will go away a little later in the year for sure, but in the meantime there is nursery to start and lots of wild blackberry picking :)

  9. That’s a shame to hear about your trip being postponed, but a wise decision me thinks! It wasn’t until I was reading this that I realised we haven’t seen any ladybirds this year… like you, my little girl would be thrilled to spot one.

  10. Is she all ready for school? shame about missing your break but better than chicken pox right now. Looks like a fab time was had.

    • She’s desperate to go Joy, I’m so not ready for it to happen. I know it’s only nursery and just a few hours a day, but it seems as though she’s being snatched away ha :)

    • I think we’ll get a bit later maybe in a month or 2. You just have to go with the flow don’t you and try not to get down about it x :)

  11. Oh boo to chicken pox! My oldest two had it when they were small but I’m still waiting for my youngest to get it.A great idea to get out for a forage and explore nature.I’ve popped over from Country Kids.

    • I’m really hoping we can keep it at bay for a bit longer, I didn’t want her to miss the first few weeks of nursery x

    • ah thank you Sara, I really didn’t want her to miss the first days of nursery so thought forfeit the trip and go another time instead :)

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