The F Word

My friend has a 5-year-old daughter.  A beautifully charming little girl, who tries so hard to please everybody.  She is loving being at school and is determined to learn everything and know everything.

Yesterday when her mum met her at the school gates, Chloe seemed a bit subdued, not her usual, bouncing enthusiasm for the day she’d just had.  So my friend asked her if she’d had a good day.  Chloe’s normal response is to burst into a full-blown babbling account of everything that she’d said, done and learned.  However, this time she just shrugged and said it was ok.

When they got back to the car, my friend was feeling a little concerned about Chloes quietness and naturally began to worry that maybe her little girl was finding school tough and the bursting excitement of previous days had all been a front.  So she began to probe a little further, in an  attempt to get to the bottom of this sudden change in character.

She asked her if everything was ok, had someone been nasty to her, was she frightened etc etc.  Finally after getting nothing more than yes and no answers, Chloe cracked.  She told her mum that she had done something wrong and that her mummy would be angry.  Mummy of course asked her what she had done and assured her she wouldn’t be angry with her.

So Chloe said that today her teacher had asked the class to write down a word beginning with F and that her teacher told her the word she had written was wrong!  By this stage my friend has a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach, thinking what the word beginning with F could be that was wrong.  Of course she came to the conclusion that her beloved daughter had written the “F” word.  With her heart in her mouth, she asked Chloe what she had written.

The child instantly burst into tears, cue mother feeling even sicker and convincing herself that she would be called to the school to explain her daughters language.  After stopping the car and turning around to face her daughter, she asked her to stop crying and tell her the word that was so wrong.

To which Chloe through howling tears shouted “It’s not my fault mummy, I didn’t know that Fumb (thumb) didn’t start with an F!

So there you have it sometimes it is perfectly alright for your children to use the “F” word. :)

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