The Curse of Thursday

Thursday used to be a really good day for me.  I was able to get all my housework and laundry done, batch cook any meals I wanted to and have everything sorted for the weekend.

The afternoon would then be spent playing, baking, painting or going out to do things with the girls.  I used to love our Thursdays.  However, for about a month or more, some strange metamorphosis takes place on a Wednesday night and by Thursday morning, my normally fun, mischievous, happy little girls are both transformed into screaming, fighting, destructful, disobedient nightmares.

From the moment they get up, until they go to bed (after a fight to get them there) they are dreadful.  They hit each other, throw things at each other and at me.  Spit out food, crush it on the floor, break toys and anything else they can get their hands on.  Our littlest, who is now a “big” one year old, refuses point-blank to shut her eyes for any kind of rest or nap.  All day long she keeps going, even through she is desperately tired, she will not close her eyes, she will not sleep.  That of course makes her more and more grumpy and bad-tempered.  I once read an article that said one year olds can’t throw a tantrum.   I’d love to invite the author of that article to meet our daughter.  Because if stamping her feet, screaming until she is red in the face and flailing her arms about and occasionally throwing herself on the floor and kicking her feet, isn’t throwing a tantrum, then I don’t know what is!

Every Thursday it’s the same thing, the pattern is repeated.  I’ve tried everything in my arsenal to prevent or deflect this from happening, but to no avail.  I’ve altered our routine.  Instead of even attempting housework, I leave it and dedicate myself completely to them, I’ve taken them out for the day.  I’ve changed our play days with friends to Thursday.  I’ve left them with granny for a couple of hours.  I’ve come up with different activities to occupy them. I’ve pretty much exhausted everything, but it makes little or no difference.  It is mentally and physically exhausting, but I try not to make an issue out of it with them.  Maybe I’m lucky, because so far it does only seem to happen on a Thursday, the rest of the week they are pretty easy-going.

So what is it about Thursday?  This bizarre Thursday phenomenon may continue to plague me for some time and boy am I ever shattered by the end of the day.  I’m pretty sure the high frequency squealing has perforated my ear drums!  I guess, I just have to console myself with the thought that, tomorrows Friday and maybe I should invest in some Bose noise reduction headphones!

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2 thoughts on “The Curse of Thursday

  1. I wonder what it could be? Why it only happens on this day? Has there been any significant events that could have triggered it, or maybe its just a phase? I really hope it ends soon for you, it can’t be pleasant at all – you must be feeling at your wits end – here have a cuppa! :o).

    • I really don’t know what it is with them,it’s the oddest thing. Thursdayitis I think lol. I’m really hoping that it is just a phase and they get over it soon!

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