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While having a chat with a couple of friends today the conversation turned to the movie “The Bucket List”, I’m not entirely sure how the conversation went this way, but then most of our get togethers end up in very random discussions.

For those of you who have never seen the movie, The Bucket List, is a list you create of things you really want to do before you “kick the bucket!”  Now my friends had very definite ideas about exactly what was on their lists, so definite in fact, I was surprised that they didn’t pull full laminated copies out of their bags.

What surprised me the most though was that I had absolutely no idea what on earth would be on mine.  Either I am really sleep deprived, motherhood had fulfilled me completely, or rather more scarily it has taken away my dreams, ambitions and imagination for myself.  I always used to have very clear dreams of the things I’d love to do and see, even though some of them were totally preposterous and basically unachievable, they were there, they were my little sparkles of imagination.

My other theory is that perhaps now that I am a mother I don’t want to think about dying, even in a “fun” way, if such a thing can exist.  Whatever the reason, I decided I wanted to reignite my imagination spark and join in their “Bucket List” fun.

I still really struggled though, to think of things that were just for me.  All my thoughts seemed to drift back to the girls and things that I would do with them or want for them, which completely defeats the purpose of the exercise.  Maybe as in the movie it’s easier to do if you know that your time is limited.  Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman both knew they were dying, so making their list and doing the things on it was their big priority.

After much thought, discussion, arguing and laughter with my friends, I have a semi Bucket List.  I’m not entirely convinced that it is what I’d really want to do, so I’ll call it my rough draft!  In no particular order:

1. See the sunrise over the Grand Canyon.

2. To have duck a la presse in la tour d’argent in Paris.

3.To volunteer for a while in an orphanage in Africa.  I don’t know if emotionally I’d be very good at this

4. To stand on the Great Wall of China and see the Terracotta Army

5. To take our girls to Disneyland – Yes I know, I know, I’ve included the children, but taking them to Disneyland and seeing their reactions would be for my delight.

6. To drive a steam train.  I know it’s quite a male thing to want to do, but I do love a chuff chuffing train.

7. Keeping with the train theme, I’d love to travel on the Venice Simplon Orient Express

8. To stand on top of Table Mountain.

9. To visit the Orangutan Foundation in Borneo and hold a baby Orangutan.

10. To have unlimited access to Area 51!  Something tells me this one will never happen :D

So after much deliberation that’s what I managed to come up with.  It’s not the most exciting list in the world and I do suspect it’ll change over time, let’s just hope I have many many years in which to either change it or achieve it!  So go on, just for fun, why don’t you create your Bucket List, of things just for your pleasure :)

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