The Beginning – Magic Moments

I am linking this post up with the very lovely Jaime from TheOliversMadhouse, someone who has become a real blogger friend to me.  She makes me laugh and smile and always has so many lovely things to say.  I wish that I lived close to her so that we could go out for coffee and a healthy snack cake! This is her brand new weekly linky Magic Moments – Yes Mrs O, I’ve been singing that song,whistling and thinking about Quality Street ever since you told me about this!

As this is Jaime’s first Magic Moments, I decided that I would start at the beginning of my extra special Magic Moments (well almost the beginning)

Finding out that I was pregnant with our son is one of the very significant Magic Moments of my life.  However, as most of you know, things didn’t turn out as we had hoped.  So this Magic Moment is probably realistically about 250 Magic Moments.

Here are most of them, all in one big pile!


I honestly do not have a freakish obsession with peeing on little plastic sticks.  However, when I found out that I was pregnant again, major paranoia kicked in.  I was convinced that it was all going to end horribly.  Being pregnant again after a loss is a real double-edged sword.  My lovely pregnancy journey was marred with fear, in fact terror.  So yes in the early weeks, I was a testomaniac.

I know it was a bit daft, a pregnancy test does not measure the viability of a pregnancy and it cost a blinkin fortune!  However, each and every time that I saw those two little lines or the words pregnant on a digital test, my heart would soar and the fear would momentarily subside.  Each of those packets in the picture represents an amazing Magic Moment.

Thank you Jaime for making me decide to share my deep dark pee stick secret – ha!  I think there are therapists out there that will be getting in touch with me – argh!

Why not pop across to TheOliversMadhouse and join in with your Magic Moment.  You don’t have to humiliate yourself like me honest……

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28 thoughts on “The Beginning – Magic Moments

  1. Nichola you are my hero! thank you so much for wearing your hear on your sleeve and being so open and honest about you magic moments.

    I am honored you have posted and linked in with my new linky xxxxxxxx

    • I am thrilled to have been invited by you to take part and thank you for hosting this, it’s going to be great fun

  2. We started trying in the April and fell pregnant in the September.
    In those months I used a RIDICULOUS amount of pregnancy tests and as I always could not bare the 2 weeks waiting was always using the dearest EARLY ones which are VERY expensive. I was in Boots A LOT! Oh God you’ve brought back all of the memories :-)
    Liska xx

  3. I had to pee on a million *quite a few* pregnancy test sticks when I fell pregnant with my second son. He was my husband and I’s first child together and my husband was soooo excited but had the “wee on another stick” fetish too! I do admit I had a buzz everytime I saw the lines appear. Finding out is certainly a magic moment. Oh and I wish I could go for coffee and “healthy” snack with Jaime too! One of the most friendly, bubbly and caring bloggers I know x

  4. Aw what a lovely post and thanks for sharing! I too took a load of tests ;)

  5. Fab post – it is a magical moment! I fell pregnant very quickly with 1 and 3, but it took nearly a year with number 2 – I had a drawer full of tests… That I added to even after the blue lines finally appeared :)

  6. Seeing those two blue lines is one of the most amazing feelings ever. What a wonderful moment. And I’ve learnt a new word by visiting here today…Testomaniac! Love it :0)

  7. Great post. So honest and so real.

    I feel the same way about Jaime Oliver. I wish we could have coffee and cake together.


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