#SatCap 30/03

I would have liked to do an Easter themed SatCap, but, well, I don’t have one.  This is nearly a bunny though!

This cheeky wee bugger has taken up residence in our garden and along with raiding the bird feeder it steals the chickens feed and has eaten my Lily bulbs!



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Squatter & Gatecrashers – #OneWeek

Living in the countryside means our garden is a hive of wildlife activity.  We have a multitude of bird life.  Of course our chick, chick, chick, chick, chickens live there too.  We also have at least one hedgehog, who we manage to glimpse occasionally.  Foxes use it as their route into the adjoining fields. We have found badger tracks on several occasions.  Rabbits, hares and even pheasants all grace us with their presence at some point throughout the year.  We have just as much activity during the winter months as we do in spring/summer.  We have several bird feeding stations and lots of berry rich trees and bushes, so there is a constant food supply.

We even had some very unexpected visitors, who managed to escape their cosy barn and come for a wander through our yard instead!  I think they liked the look of our barn more.


Our latest visitor though appears to have taken up residence and if he isn’t stealing the chickens food, he’s raiding the bird feeders.

So here he is, the very cheeky Sammy squirrel!  Unfortunately not a red one, although there is a small colony of them a few miles from our house, so I live in hope that one day we might get a little red fellow.



 This is a link up with the amazing Sarah at Older Mum (in a muddle) and her One Week – winter linky


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