How Does Your Garden Grow? – Nov 21st

Life has finally started to return to normal in our house.  After two weeks of sickness, chest infections and throat infections, we seem to be on the way up again.  My immunity must be really dreadful at the moment as I seldom pick up bugs from others, but this time I was just about wiped out, so I apologise for disappearing off the internet radar and off Annies lovely linky for a couple of weeks.

This week has been a real mixed bag on the weather front.  We have had very strong winds and rain and then got our first proper frost of the season.  It was delightful to open the door and see that winter sunshine along with the smell of winter frost.  Even though I was feeling lousy, it really did lift my spirits to hear that lovely crispy crunch under foot.

frosty leavesfrosty apple
I am still amazed at just how many leaves are still clinging on, even though we are rapidly approaching the end of November.   The Yellow Acer is still full of bright leaves.  The Oak tree has started to turn brown and there are still a few Acorns to be found.  My Beech trees are a mixture of brown and gold, but still full of leaves and my beloved Corkscrew Hazel has really only started to turn now.  I envisage a very soggy garden in the coming weeks, as they all drop off and get soaked by rain and snow.

acerAcornBeech TreeCorkscrew Hazel

Speaking of snow – yes, this week we have had our first snowfall, albeit not very significant and by lunchtime it had pretty much all melted away, but if the predictions from The Met Office are correct, we will see many snowy days throughout this winter.

snowy leafsnowy branchsnowy cotoneaster

For now though, rain has returned, hanging off the branches like thousands of little diamonds.


I am delighted to be back on form and linking with lovely Annie from Mammasaurus for her beautiful How Does Your Garden Grow linky once again. It is a real treat for the eyes and I have truly missed not joining in and not being online to enjoy it.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


Deep and Crisp and Even – Country Kids

As with huge swathes of the UK we found ourselves hammered by gale force wind and blizzards.  It started snowing and just didn’t stop for two days.  We eventually lost our power supply, closely followed by the phone and of course my beloved internet connection!  bad times :(

 The girls thought it was all some huge adventure and of course were itching to get out into the snow.  For most of the day it was just too stormy to take them out in it, their little bodies would never have stayed upright in the force of the wind and snow.  Eventually though it eased enough to get outside.  They charged like things possessed through it, rolled in it, made snow angels, threw snowballs and went through about 3 pairs of gloves and 2 hats each!








However, it got colder and colder and the wind picked up to quite brutal strength and the snow started again, so I had to usher them back inside and they could only gaze longingly out the window.The snow carried on until we ended up snowed in and looking like this!

gardensnow1I am linking up again with the brilliant Fiona from Coombe Mill for Country Kids, pop across and join in the outdoor fun, there are some fantastic ideas for enjoying the outdoors with your children.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


It has been bitterly cold this week with more snow and ice, my arm still hasn’t recovered fully, so we’ve once again stayed close to home.  There is loads to do though, the garden really does need whipping into shape and even with one arm I can do some things.  The girls like to get involved, so we have been removing leaves and cutting some bushes back before spring makes an appearance.


 Over the weekend we lost a tree, a big old Beech tree from the very bottom of the garden.  The wind had picked up on Sunday night and the tree split.  To be honest it’s been looking a bit precarious for a while, so although I’m a bit sad.  I hate losing trees, it wasn’t a huge surprise.

Daddy has been off work for a couple of days, so it was out with the chainsaw and down it came.  The girls of course had a ball clambering over the fallen tree trunk and “helping” to collect the logs.





Even in the biting wind and snow, they just love being outside.  We let the chickens out of their run for some garden time.  They are the best tool for scraping away dead leaves and weeds! Everywhere the girls went the daft chickens followed.


Eventually after a couple of hours, their little red cheeks and noses told me it was time to take them back inside to thaw out.  So I decided to entice them in with the promise of hot chocolate and marshmallows.  They did one final little job of filling a bucket with logs, because they had decided that I had to light the fire for them!


They curled up by the fire with their hot chocolate and cookies. I drank mine in the kitchen while I made dinner, along with a Green & Blacks Tasting Pack (I draw the line at giving them my Green & Blacks)!


I’m linking up with Coombe Mill for Country Kids, where Fiona works tirelessly to provide us with an outlet to share our outdoor fun.  Why not link up too, it’s great fun

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Not Winter Again!

The weather has been a little up and down for us this week.  We’ve gone from bright sunshine, to grey dank cloud and then the biting wind keeps popping up and reminding me that we’re not out of winter just yet.  Then to top it all off we had some snow.  It didn’t last for more than a couple of hours and thankfully didn’t lie, but I had so hoped we’d seen the last of it.

2013-02-23 15.39.25

We are waiting very impatiently for the arrival of our neighbours lambs.  Every time we drive past his farm our eldest starts asking are the baby sheep here yet.  The signs are promising though, the ewes have all been moved to the small field right at the front of their house, they are lying down a lot and they are absolutely enormous.  Farmer John is under strict instructions from our daughter, to tell her as soon as they come!

The girls have been pretty much confined to the garden this week.  My husband is working and with my arm still being sore, I didn’t want to risk venturing too far away with them on my own.  Our youngest can be a bit unpredictable and has the nasty habit of suddenly bolting in the opposite direction.

2013-02-23 15.41.052013-02-23 15.50.35The garden is big though and full of places to explore and the chickens always provide a source of amusement.  We’ve been topping up our bird feeders and making sure the nesting boxes are clean for the Blue Tits and Sparrows to start building.  Next will come the planting of seeds, getting our vegetable planters ready and putting in new canes for the Raspberries.  I’m attempting to grow even more this year.

We are linking up with Coombe Mill for Country Kids.  Why not add your outdoor loving fun too?Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

First Snow – One Week

Winter started in a beautiful fresh crisp blue sky way, changed to a frosty winter wonderland, quickly followed by torrential rain and gale force wind.  Eventually though, came the snow.

Brilliant big flakes of proper snow.  The first winter snowfall had been disappointing, because it came from the south and east, by the time it reached us it was fine dusty and a bit wishy washy.  This stuff came from the North, straight down from the Artic and landed in a glorious dumping.

yaysnow - Copy (640x480)

The girls got more and more excited, so snowsuits were donned, hats and gloves and out they went to make snow angels, sledge, build a snowman and refuse to come back inside despite the fact that they both had bright red noses and cheeks. 

2013-01-19 10.40.272013-01-19 11.12.442013-01-19 10.49.39




Eventually sheer exhaustion and the fact that the now falling snow began to turn to rain, drove them back indoors to thaw!  However, our littlest girl had a fabulous time in her first experience of snow.



one week