First Snow – One Week

Winter started in a beautiful fresh crisp blue sky way, changed to a frosty winter wonderland, quickly followed by torrential rain and gale force wind.  Eventually though, came the snow.

Brilliant big flakes of proper snow.  The first winter snowfall had been disappointing, because it came from the south and east, by the time it reached us it was fine dusty and a bit wishy washy.  This stuff came from the North, straight down from the Artic and landed in a glorious dumping.

yaysnow - Copy (640x480)

The girls got more and more excited, so snowsuits were donned, hats and gloves and out they went to make snow angels, sledge, build a snowman and refuse to come back inside despite the fact that they both had bright red noses and cheeks. 

2013-01-19 10.40.272013-01-19 11.12.442013-01-19 10.49.39




Eventually sheer exhaustion and the fact that the now falling snow began to turn to rain, drove them back indoors to thaw!  However, our littlest girl had a fabulous time in her first experience of snow.



one week