Watching Windmills – #CountryKids

We haven’t been very far travelled this week, a combination of atrocious weather and a very tired nursery school girl have kept us closer to home.

In between the heavy downpours and gale force winds, we have gone out walking in our fields and lanes.  The girls love getting their wellies on and just wandering through the fields.  They could spend hours standing on a five bar gate just watching cows!

The big excitement for them this week though was the appearance of a new wind turbine at the quarry a few miles up our road.  They have a total fascination with these things and our youngest shouts “I can see a windmillo”, every time she spots one.

big walk

So we put some drinks into our back pack and of course our berry basket (we don’t travel far without it these days) and set off into the fields to see the windmill.  The shouts of delight at the sight of it, reminded me of just how easily pleased toddlers can be.  So I then took them further down the lane where we can see two more at the Michelin factory,



We walked and ran, to the furthest away field, one we don’t often get into in because it is usually full of cows and it’s quite a long walk for our youngest.  She handled the distance with surprising ease.  They scoffed berries along the way and then stopped under a tree to say hello to the cows and have a drink.  The only blight on the day was when she stumbled and managed to sting her face on some nettles.


far field



On the way back home, they squelched in the mud by the field gates and had an obligatory splash in some muddy puddles – well you can’t have that much rain without having a muddy splash in it, can you?

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Footprints – One Week

The weather  turned surprisingly spring like and as a result of this we will hopefully have stacks of outdoor time.  My girls are very much outdoors children and could stay out in all weathers if I let them.  When we have snow, we would go footprint hunting.  Hunting for animal tracks on the snowy ground.  The snow has gone, but we have tons of mud, in fact our back lane is a Peppa Pig dream – full of muddy puddles.

So we got our wellies on and went in search of muddy footprints.  We had a little success, so we took some pictures to share our finds.

2013-02-18 14.44.382013-02-18 14.45.122013-02-18 15.24.56




2013-02-18 15.28.22


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One Week – Mud Glorious Mud

Thursday is traditionally atomic meltdown day in our house.  My girls seem to have Thursdayitis.  So today I tried to be one step ahead of the game.  It had rained through the night and there were big muddy puddles everywhere, so I decided I was going to take them out for some puddle jumping, in the hope that they would be just too exhausted to fight with each other and me!

We got all wellied up and headed out, there were a few reasonable puddles around the house, but our back laneway between the fields was just full of gooey muddy puddles and of course that’s exactly where they wanted to go.  So I thought what the heck, let them go mad, it’s only mud, it’ll wash off.

Ha, the end result was that I had 2 little girls covered from head to toe in thick mud and water, their clothes were completely caked, their boots were filled with water and I had to strip them at the back door before bringing them back inside, not the most pleasant experience on a chilly autumn day.  Thank heavens for washing machines and stain removers.

one week