Park Life

I have been very lapse and haven’t linked up with Country Kids for too many weeks now.  Mostly because I have been so disorganised that I have gone out minus my camera.  We also had huge amounts of torrential rain and gale force winds which have scuppered our plans on occasions.

However, I have now, hopefully got my organised head back on and this week the weather was really spring like, so we have spent lots of time outdoors.  The girls were desperate to get to the park, so we took some food for the ducks and off we went.

The ducks were a bit thin on the ground.  There is now a nature reserve quite near us and most of the park ducks have absconded to there, along with the winter swans.  There were a few “loyal” ducks though, lots of Greylag Geese and some moorhens.  So the girls got feeding, they were having a great time despite the fact we then got inundated with seagulls and pigeons.  Our youngest thought it was hilarious to throw food and watch the seagulls catch it before it hit the water!

After the birds were full, we headed to the play park and the two of them just went wild!  I thought I would never get them home and had to resort to ice cream bribery!

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