How Does Your Garden Grow? – Nov 21st

Life has finally started to return to normal in our house.  After two weeks of sickness, chest infections and throat infections, we seem to be on the way up again.  My immunity must be really dreadful at the moment as I seldom pick up bugs from others, but this time I was just about wiped out, so I apologise for disappearing off the internet radar and off Annies lovely linky for a couple of weeks.

This week has been a real mixed bag on the weather front.  We have had very strong winds and rain and then got our first proper frost of the season.  It was delightful to open the door and see that winter sunshine along with the smell of winter frost.  Even though I was feeling lousy, it really did lift my spirits to hear that lovely crispy crunch under foot.

frosty leavesfrosty apple
I am still amazed at just how many leaves are still clinging on, even though we are rapidly approaching the end of November.   The Yellow Acer is still full of bright leaves.  The Oak tree has started to turn brown and there are still a few Acorns to be found.  My Beech trees are a mixture of brown and gold, but still full of leaves and my beloved Corkscrew Hazel has really only started to turn now.  I envisage a very soggy garden in the coming weeks, as they all drop off and get soaked by rain and snow.

acerAcornBeech TreeCorkscrew Hazel

Speaking of snow – yes, this week we have had our first snowfall, albeit not very significant and by lunchtime it had pretty much all melted away, but if the predictions from The Met Office are correct, we will see many snowy days throughout this winter.

snowy leafsnowy branchsnowy cotoneaster

For now though, rain has returned, hanging off the branches like thousands of little diamonds.


I am delighted to be back on form and linking with lovely Annie from Mammasaurus for her beautiful How Does Your Garden Grow linky once again. It is a real treat for the eyes and I have truly missed not joining in and not being online to enjoy it.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


Ch Ch Ch Changes – #One Week

Just like the Bowie song changes are coming.  I can already see the colours of the garden begin to alter.  Flowers are turning from soft petals into seed bearing pods, berries are beginning to form on the hedges and ivy.  The creeper that drapes itself over our house is beginning to turn red.


Changes are happening to my family too.  My 3 year old has started nursery school and although I’m excited for her, my heart feels a little heavy.  Our carefree, do what we like, when we like days will be gone, replaced by routine and structure and worse than that timetable!  Timetable – I ask you.  I love punctuality, I love being early, but I love having about 2 hours to plan being early!

As I wander the garden with my girls, I take her hand, I love holding her hand.  She skips along beside me, excitedly pointing out the reddening Raspberries, the conkers forming on the Horse Chestnut and the apple tree branches bending under the weight of their crunchy fruit.


tiny conkers


We harvest the first of our potatoes and tend our next batch of lettuce.  We walk down our lane, we visit the summer calves and discover our first ladybird of the season, we just walk and talk and hold hands.  Yes there are changes in the air, changes in me, but we’ll always have the summer …..



one week

Heat Wave – #One Week

The temperatures are soaring, the sky is blue.  It is hot, hot and sticky, a bit of a shock to the system.  Summer hasn’t been this sunny or hot for a few too many years.  We live in the garden, getting up in the morning, throwing open the door and staying out there until bedtime.
blue sky

The whirring sound of my laptop fan has been replaced with the sounds of summer.  The shrieking of my girls as they splash into the water in their pool.  The buzzing of the bees as they gather nectar and pollinate the flowers and plants around the garden and the sound of my own contented sighs.


I am completely at peace, surrounded by those I love, in surroundings that I love.  Watching with wonder as every day another delicate flower unfurls and reveals itself to us.  Colour everywhere, vibrant oranges, pinks and yellows, cool blues and papal purples.

yellow lillies



The growing apples are a constant source of toddler wonder, mainly “we wonder when they will be ready mummy.”  The vegetables are being lovingly weeded and watered and the homegrown lettuce picked and added to our lunchtime menu.



Days spent in the fields, at the beach and the park.  Family get togethers, pool parties and barbecues, warm evenings watching the sun go down, sipping a glass of wine, waiting for the first twinkling stars to appear.  Summer, please stay a little longer, I’ve missed you.



one week

How Does Your Garden Grow – June3

It’s time to root around other people’s gardens, rummage in their beds and sniff their buds!  Yes, it’s the beautiful linky How Does Your Garden Grow, hosted by the brilliant Annie from Mammasaurus.  I am loving participating in this link up, the gardens, plants and colours being posted every week are fabulous and it brings summer alive even on the wet dreary days.

So we have had rain, lots of rain.  The glorious sunshine has turned itself off for a day or two – she’s says optimistically.  It’s not St Swithin’s Day for a few weeks yet, so I live in hope.

Apart from the explosion of weeds that this deluge of rain has brought to the surface again, everything else continues to thrive.

My Rhododendron has finally opened properly


My pink Hawthorn is just covered in blossom


The Horse Chestnut blossom has burst open too

 Horse Chestnut

My Raspberries are beginning  to blossom – I predict a summer of Raspberry Martini’s!

 Raspberry blossom

The creeper has now spread out over the house and is growing so fast this year, that I’ll have to cut some of it back or it’ll cover the windows completely!

Virginia Creeper

The Cotoneaster is covered in berries and bees!

Cotoneaster and Bees

Finally for this week, as promised the beautiful white Hawthorn  and Blackthorn hedges (bearer of my annual Sloe Gin crop) that surround all the fields around us, the smell of them is terrific.



Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The brilliant Annie from Mammasaurus has been hosting a lovely linky How Does Your Garden Grow.  As an outdoors person who really loves gardens and nature I love taking part in this.  Why not join in too and add your growing garden pictures.  However, I have to add that if any of you post sunny pictures, I may hunt you down and release a swarm of marauding slugs into your Begonias !

The Dandelions have exploded everywhere and my daughter insists on presenting me with huge bunches of them.

2013-05-16 14.00.19


My Virginia Creeper is slowly starting to open and cover the house in it’s summer coat again and my little red Acer is coming alive too.

Japanese AcerVirginia Creeper

My Rowan Tree will soon have blossom and the Rhododendron is following suit.

Rowan Tree

And last but by no means least, my gorgeous Magnolia is about to burst open it’s beautiful waxy flowers – which of course means only one thing. The gale force wind will return to annhialate it!


Pssst, eeem did anyone notice I might have just made it onto the LBPAwards short list – WTF, I hear you cry.  If you have a spare teeny tiny minute and you want to give me a vote I will call off the marauding slugs :)

LBPAwards photo blogger-oftheyear-20131380x550_zpsd062ccab.jpg


Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?