All Creatures Great and Small – Country Kids

It has been a dreadful week for weather here, we have had torrential rain and bitingly cold winds.  The girls have still been outside a lot though.  Daddy is working from home at the minute and they are loving being able to drag him out at every available opportunity.  I doubt he’s actually achieving much work!

I have a few less pictures this week, as he was in charge of my camera and it mysteriously stopped working.  He did manage a few though before that happened.

Our youngest daughter is a huge fan of the Julia Donaldson book, Superworm, so she was delighted to discover her very own Superworm.  They passed the worm about between them, taking turns at holding him – I am reliably informed, by the girls, that it was a him.  They are a little young for me to explain that earthworms are actually hermaphrodites, that’s a conversation that can wait a few years!

Wormswiggly worms, superwormwormsworms
Daddy eventually persuaded them to put poor old Superworm back into the soil and they headed off to see the baby calves. They really aren’t very old at all and our neighbour has them in our field for a couple of weeks, much to the delight of our eldest daughter.
The little calves were very scared and wary, but she stood in front of the gate and talked to them in the softest voice. I was amazed at her patience to just keep standing there, talking and watching these calves, she had her hand through the bars of the gates telling them that she was friendly and wouldn’t hurt them.  Her patience paid off, because eventually they all came right up to the gate to her and a couple of them even had a lick at her gloves.  This pleased her no end, she really does have a deep rooted love of nature and animals right now and I am fascinated watching her reactions and watching how she interacts with them.
meeting calves
They also took a trip to our local nature reserve to see the start of the migrating birds, but this is where he broke my camera!  It has gone now to be repaired, so hopefully, full photographic service will be resumed by next week. 

I am of course linking this post with my lovely friend Fiona from Coombe Mill for her fantastic Country Kids linky.  If you love being outdoors with your children, or are stuck for ideas for entertaining them outdoors, go and have a look, you will get inspiration and some smiles too.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Autumn Leaves- Country Kids

It’s been really cold here all week, but bundled up with fleece lined clothes and hats the girls have still spent loads of time rampaging around. The leaves are coming down thick and fast now in the garden, so daddy armed himself with the leaf blower, they all set off into the wilderness!Autumn Leaf Play


A pile of leaves later and all I could hear were shrieks of delighted laughter.  There they were, jumping, rolling and throwing huge armfuls of leaves all over themselves.playing in leavesJumping in Leavesburied in leavesthrowing leavesleafplaypiles of leaves


Apples were eaten straight off the trees and conkers were gathered and stamped on to be opened.autumn applesapples and leavesconker openingopening conkers

Autumn really is a fun season and I’m predicting many more days of leafy fun, perhaps with a nice bonfire or two thrown in for good measure.

I am linking this post with the fabulous Fiona from beautiful Coombe Mill for her brilliant Country Kids linky. Parents and kids, exploring the great outdoors together and having a fantastic time doing so.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Bug Hunting – Country Kids

The girls were lucky enough to receive a hamper of goodies as part of their recent Barny Bear challenge.  Included was a fantastic bug barn complete with net, magnifying tub and magnifying glass.

Barny Bear Hamper

They couldn’t wait to get bug hunting and as luck would have it, last weekend the weather was brilliant.  I knew that I wasn’t going to be at home for a few days, it was baby sisters birthday weekend too, so I wanted to cram in as much outdoor time as possible.

bug hunting

magnifying glass eye

magnifying glass

magnified plants

thirsty work

They tracked down a few spiders, which had to be examined at close quarters.  They really were fascinated at being able to see the spider’s eyes!  Some little snails were also discovered.  They had loads of fun uncovering bugs and insects around the garden.  My eldest girl in particular has such an interest in wildlife and nature, she was very careful to return them to the spot we captured them from.

incy winy spiderspidersnails

catch and release

She completely delighted me by saying that she wants to be a person who searches for wildlife and puts their pictures in books when she grows up.  I realise that at three and a half, her career choices will change a million times over the next fifteen to twenty years, but I’ll secretly cling to the hope that she might just become my little Attenborough yet.

After all the little creatures where returned to their rightful spots, they decided that they would quite like to play with the water table.  I filled it up with some warm soapy water and left them to it while I helped daddy to cut the grass and clean up the garden.  I turned my back for a few minutes and they were both lying over the top of the table “swimming”, by the time they were finished they were soaked from head to toe.  Simple garden fun, but fun none the less, they had a whale of a time and we managed to get all our gardening done!

water tableswimming


I am linking this post up with the very lovely Fiona from Coombe Mill for her fantastic Country Kids linky.  Our children reminding us of how fun life can be in the great outdoors.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Little Seedlings – Country Kids

The weather at the weekend was brilliant, so we spent most of it outside.  The Seed Pantry kit that the girls planted just over a week ago has done amazingly well.  All of their seeds had sprouted and were in fact in need of planting on into bigger pots.

The girls got to work filling pots and trays with compost.  I helped them extract the seedlings and then they transferred them into their newly prepared pots.

potting seedlings

potting compost

They were quite a little team and worked away for over an hour, filled with enthusiasm for the job that they were doing.

vegetable seedlings

Planting holes were made with our dibbler.  Soil was carefully patted down and then of course there was the most important job…..

 planting dibbler

re=potting seedlings

transplanting seedlings

Labelling the seedlings – baby sister took charge of this task, despite the fact that she’s only two and doesn’t actually know how to write – a minor detail!

Plant labelling

We’ve also made them their own recycled pallet planters, so that when their seedlings are a little bigger and stronger, they can transplant them into the pallets and have their own little veggie patch filled with winter veggies.

pallet planter

They do thoroughly enjoy doing things like this and it really does encourage them to eat a huge variety of fruits and vegetables without any quibbles.

The seedlings are back tucked up under cover for another little while  but if they continue to thrive, we should be sampling our first batches in about four weeks.

I am linking up with the very lovely Fiona from Coombemill for her fabulous Country Kids linky.  Our children showing us what life is really all about – having fun, exploring and loving the great outdoors.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Sowing and Harvesting – Country Kids

In between the dreadful wind and rain, we have been very busy in the garden this week. Lots more pruning of branches, which led to a bit of a bonfire that the girls loved!



gate keeper

We have also harvested the last of this seasons potatoes and planted our next batch which fingers crossed will give us some winter potatoes too.  We really are loving eating our own and I would love to not have to use shop bought ones again.  The last of the cabbages and cauliflower were also pulled and the soil around our autumn lettuce leaves was weeded.






The girls then got stuck into some serious planting.  We had been sent a fabulous Seed Pantry growing kit to review and they couldn’t wait to get started with it.  They set to work planting Pak Choi, Chard, Spicy mixed leaves and salad onions.  They did almost all of it themselves with only minimal input from me and for over an hour they were quite a little gardening team.  We are now waiting impatiently to eat the fruits of their labours.  I do love teaching them about food and were it comes from and I love involving them in the actual growing process.  They get enormous amounts of fun out of it, they love being outside, they love digging, they love filling pots with soil.  So combining that, with actually growing some food is real winning fun for us. 



planted seeds

Autumn is definitely here in full force and I can see the leaves changing rapidly.  We are looking forward to dry crisp days jumping through huge piles of them.

I am linking up as usual with the AWARD winning Fiona from beautiful Coombe Mill for her Country Kids linky.  Why not pop across and join in with some brilliant outdoor fun.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Watching Windmills – #CountryKids

We haven’t been very far travelled this week, a combination of atrocious weather and a very tired nursery school girl have kept us closer to home.

In between the heavy downpours and gale force winds, we have gone out walking in our fields and lanes.  The girls love getting their wellies on and just wandering through the fields.  They could spend hours standing on a five bar gate just watching cows!

The big excitement for them this week though was the appearance of a new wind turbine at the quarry a few miles up our road.  They have a total fascination with these things and our youngest shouts “I can see a windmillo”, every time she spots one.

big walk

So we put some drinks into our back pack and of course our berry basket (we don’t travel far without it these days) and set off into the fields to see the windmill.  The shouts of delight at the sight of it, reminded me of just how easily pleased toddlers can be.  So I then took them further down the lane where we can see two more at the Michelin factory,



We walked and ran, to the furthest away field, one we don’t often get into in because it is usually full of cows and it’s quite a long walk for our youngest.  She handled the distance with surprising ease.  They scoffed berries along the way and then stopped under a tree to say hello to the cows and have a drink.  The only blight on the day was when she stumbled and managed to sting her face on some nettles.


far field



On the way back home, they squelched in the mud by the field gates and had an obligatory splash in some muddy puddles – well you can’t have that much rain without having a muddy splash in it, can you?

I am linking this post with the fabulous Fiona from Coombe Mill for her terrific Country Kids linky. Families having lots of outdoor fun together.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall