Summertime & the Living is Easy

This week we wore sun cream!  Three cheers for sunshine :)  The weekend and right up until Wednesday was just glorious, after that normal service resumed.  But hey, it has given me real hope that some warmth and summer sun are going to start appearing more frequently.

Once again we have been practically living outside.  From the moment they got dressed in the morning until I had to force them in at bath time, the girls have been outside.  Because they are still little it does mean that I have to stay outside with them (oh how I hate not being able to do housework – ha!).

Our cabbages, cauliflower and Broccoli are now all strong enough to be planted out, so we finished that job off and hopefully that is all our veggies well on their way.  The lettuce is growing nicely and I think we’ll be able to eat the first batch in a couple of weeks.

Miss Blooms

Once we got that out of the way, it was down to serious play time.  The trampoline has been bounced on continuously, they have pushed each other up and down the slide, built sandcastles and played in their water table.

Disaster struck for daddy when his ride on lawn mower broke down and despite the best efforts of our youngest girl to repair it – mainly by dropping sockets and screwdrivers into the engine!  It has had to go to the repair shop, so daddy had to cut the grass with the regular petrol mower we keep for the orchard.  It nearly killed him!

Trampoline, Bouncing

Our eldest girl is gaining confidence with her bike riding and her baby sister has taken a liking to big sisters scooter – there was fighting.  The most fun of all though was the Elefun game.  If you’ve never seen it, it is a plastic elephant shaped thing that sits flat on the ground, you fill it up with fabric type butterflies and switch it on, the fan inside then shoots the butterflies up the wind sock type trunk and into the air.  The aim of the game is to catch the butterflies in your net.  They played with this for hours, shrieking with delight every time one of them netted a butterfly.    She then decided to become Hairy McLary from Donaldsons Dairy and insisted on carrying a Frisbee around in her mouth whilst crawling on all fours and trying to bark – the imagination of toddler – eh!

Elefun, Butterflies, game

They then ate ice lollies and collapsed on the grass to watch the passing aeroplanes.

slides, lolly pops, frisbee


I am linking this post as usual to the wonderful CountryKids, hosted by the hardest working farmers wife I’ve ever met Fiona from Coombe Mill.  She’s also a BiBs finalist and can be voted for up until the 12th here :)


  Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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28 thoughts on “Summertime & the Living is Easy

  1. Isn’t it great to see them out in the sunshine? Hopefully we’ll get some more soon :-) x

  2. What a wonderful garden you have for the girls there and such a delight to have the weather to use it properly. I’ve not heard of the Elefun game before but it sounds like a great one to bring out for birthday parties to keep little ones entertained. Hope you get the ride on mower back soon as that looks quite a lawn to do with a regular walking mower. Thank you for the fab mention for me and BIBs, that has really made my day whether I make the finals or not!

    • Thank you Fiona. That lawn is a killer with a regular mower, I have to say I did sympathise with him, he was exhausted. I wish you tons of luck for the BiBs, you work so hard you really deserve it x

  3. Fantastic – although you’ll be cursing the sun cream in a couple of weeks! I’ve discovered aerosol stuff here which I can spray at them as they run past – life saver :) Nothing beats an ice lolly sitting in the sun! I hope you get lots more days like these xx

  4. Love the capture on the trampoline – I never seem to manage to get both feet in the air!!

  5. I love it when the sun shines and our children can spend so many hours outside having fun! I like the photos of them gardening and sitting together eating their cool ice lollies – cute x

  6. Lol! I love her crawling around with the Frisbee in the mouth :) The things they think of! Sounds like a great week. We have not had much sunshine here in Glasgow :(

    • Their imaginations are incredible. Hope you get some nice sunshine, although ours has gone completely we’ve even had hail!

    • I know beautiful warm sunshine and now it’s like October! I hope we get the mower back soon too, it’s a killer with the walk around one and takes hours

  7. It is so great when the sun is out isn’t it! Looks like you certainly made the most of it, who knows when it will be back :)

    • Aren’t they great. My sister sent them the first Hairy Maclary book from New Zealand, so now she sends them a new one at Christmas and their birthdays, so we have a nice wee collection now. They love him :)

  8. Great news about your seedlings, ours are very late this late, but I think most are, or at least that’s what I tell myself! I love the trampoline pictures. I might look into getting one for our garden. And my husband would be hugely jealous of the ride-on mower! Although given that I do most of the mowing… :) x

    • I’m really hopeful that they’ll do ok now, they look pretty strong. I would totally recommend getting a trampoline :)

  9. What a real shame they you had to stay outside and couldn’t do housework.
    Looks like they had a great time.
    Love how you captured her mid bounce too.
    I always leave it too late to plant things – or so I tell myself :$
    I ought to sow some carrots ready for the autumn.

    Thank you so much for linking up and your very kind words.

    • I know I was truly gutted that I couldn’t mop the floors ha! I just hope our veggies manage to grow :)

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