37 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. They are fascinated there and the horse looks quite preoccupied with munching that which he shouldn’t have! Another great Country Kids picture too! Judging by the hats and outfits this is the same day as the egg collecting?

    • It was indeed the same day, we had a very long full day outside. There was much excitement because we are horse sitting for a few days and the horse had only just arrived and decided to eat my hedge!

    • They surprised me with how brave they were, I think that they are so used to cattle, the horse didn’t seem much bigger to them

    • He is a real lovely big softie, we’ll miss him when he goes home. He has started to whinney at the girls now when he sees them, it’s very sweet

    • They did indeed, daddy went to Sainsburys and came back with a bag of Taste the Difference carrots!!! I couldn’t believe he bought the most expensive carrots in the shop

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