47 thoughts on “Silent Sunday 18/11

    • I know, it’s come on so quickly and there’s heavy snow forecast, so I need to get sorted before or I have no chance of getting out.

    • It was meant to be Eoghan Quigg the wee x factor boy, but they found out a couple of days before that he wasn’t going to be able to, so they chose a couple of children from the local schools and brought them in Eoghans stretch limo!

    • I’m not organised at all, but I hear big snow is on the way and we get snowed in, so I need to get out and get sorted before that eek!

    • haha I know, if my town council could get away with it, they’d switch them on in August to try and get people to spend money

    • Yes that’s the town bandstand, the local radio station were set up in it with the DJ and there was a live group singing

    • This year has flown by, I can’t accept that our baby was only 6 weeks old this time last year and now she’s fully mobile and trying to talk, it’s been too fast :(

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