This was actually meant to be my Silent Sunday post, but unfortunately 70mph winds knocked out my broadband so I had no Interweb access!

After the colouring in of Granny’s television incident, eldest daughter seems to have learned that crime doesn’t pay and her pencils and crayons have stayed firmly on paper and colouring books.  Baby sister however, the main instigator of the unadulterated scribbling, has stepped hers up a gear.

She was hiding behind the playroom curtains, initially playing peek-a-boo.  After a little while she went a bit quiet and stopped poking her head out.  The reason for this silence, was as is the norm with child silences in my house – she was up to no good.

Pulling back the curtains I discovered that I am in actual fact the mother of Baby Banksy!

scribbled wall

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4 thoughts on “Scribbler!

    • haha, thankfully they were crayola, so pretty much scrubbed off. However, most of the paint has come off along with it. I think I’ll wait a while until this phase passes before I repaint!

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