Scooter, Scuttles and Swallows – #CountryKids

It’s been a bit of an up and down week for weather this week, we’ve had sunshine and enough heat to not wear coats, torrential rain, howling wind and then a couple of days where it’s been bitterly cold.  We have managed to get outside every day though.


We’ve been busy finishing off our planting and have all the rest of our seeds and seedlings in.  Our Broccoli is still inside for another week or so, but our first and second earlies potatoes are done, so fingers crossed we’ll get some nice heritage potatoes in about 10 weeks time.

scuttlerbouncygIn between planting, the girls have been drawing everywhere with pavement chalk, riding scooters, scuttlebugs and bikes, as well as bouncing like things possessed on the trampoline.  The swallows have returned to nest in our barn and out buildings and they are causing fascination with their happy chattering.  We’ve had lots of gazing into the air and baby waving, at these cheerful little birds.


Everything is beginning to turn green and I’m feeling confident and excited that we will have a long summer outdoors.  Spring is well and truly in the air here and there is no doubt about how happy it makes our girls to get dressed and just rush outside.  I’ve been flopping them into bed every night, contented and exhausted, the miracle sleep aid, that is fresh air :)

We are once again joining the fabulous Fiona from Coombe Mill for her Country Kids linky.  Country Kids brings outdoors loving parents and children together, to share our fun ideas. 
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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18 thoughts on “Scooter, Scuttles and Swallows – #CountryKids

  1. I love the story line to go with this post. It is so up beat and happy with the signs of spring all around. I’m so delighted you managed to get out each day, it sounds like the scooters and trampoline are making it easy to keep the girls occupied for some daily fresh air.

    • Thank you Fiona, spring really does feel as though it has finally arrived, I’m looking forward to being outside loads now :)

  2. There is no doubt the fresh air is a great sleep aid….even I find myself totally zonked after a day outdoors. The Scuttlebugs are great arnt they xx #countrykids

  3. It really has been such a crazy week weather-wise hasn’t it. But I do think, like you, that Spring is here now *keeps fingers crossed just in case*. We have had lots of fun in the garden too, and after kids have gone to bed, husband and I have carried on in the evening sun, which is just wonderful – and a great sleep aid indeed xx

    • Isn’t it lovely to have the longer evenings and to be able to sit outside once the kiddies are asleep. I love being able to half live out in the garden :)

  4. well done on getting out every day :) it sounds like you all enjoyed lots of fun. and how lovely that very soon you will be eating potatoes you grew yourself x

    • Thank you Jenny. I am really hoping our potatoes grow, we were successful with lots of other veg last year, but left it too late to plant potatoes, so fingers crossed this year we will have them :)

  5. It’s so great that the weather is picking up enough to be able to spend so much more time outside! Lovely photos! We didn’t ship our scuttlebug :( Regretting it now that the wee girl is getting big enough to use it! #CountryKids

    • spring has definitely arrived, fingers crossed now for summer. We do make good use of our scuttlebug, although she’s rapidly out growing it :)

  6. Wow. You have been busy! It makes such a difference if you can get outside in the day. I’m well impressed with all your planting too!

  7. Yes, Spring, hopefully is finally here – well getting there, it’s going to get a little warmer here this week. I always love the pictures of your girls enjoying themselves! X.

    • Thank you Sarah, I can’t wait to see the pics of you and little A enjoy the countryside around your new home x

  8. So great that you’ve been able to get outside every day. Fantastic you’ve managed to do planting too. We need to do that – and get one of those trampolines :)

    • I do thoroughly recommend the trampoline. I wasn’t sure that they were old enough, but they are on it every day and love it :)

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