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 Some summer returned to grace us this week, after a weekend of horrendous wind and rain.  The girls have of course taken advantage of every break in the bad weather to get outside.

We have no car this week as my hubby is changing his and his new one hasn’t arrived yet, so he has had to use mine for work.  We have therefore, been confined to the garden and fields around us.

Influenced by an episode of Peppa Pig, my big girl decided to have sports day.  This involved lots of races, biggest trampoline bounces, fastest sliding and how far can you kick a ball.  Bless her wee heart, my wee baby even followed orders and joined in.  At 20 months old she tried so hard to run as fast as her sister.  Well at least until the cat appeared, when she decided it was much more fun to run after her and the sister sports day was abandoned.


the race


On the slideSliding


cat chaser

The cat then got into the fitness action too or perhaps it was an attempt to escape the girls, she hurtled up the nearest tree!  All in all, it has been another week of outdoor living for us, which as most of you know is our happy place.  My girls certainly eat and sleep much better as a result of all the fresh air.  They also fight much less, which can only ever be a good thing ha :)

tree cat

I am as usual linking this post with the fabulous, award winning Fiona for Country Kids, brought to us from the beautiful surroundings of Coombemill.  Why not join us for some outdoor fun?

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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26 thoughts on “Run Like The Wind – Country Kids

  1. i love it when kids make up impromptu games. Isla likes doing assault courses (it sounds tricky) but all it involves is jumping over something and sliding down the slide, but it keeps her amused for ages! Our cat also tries to steer clear when my two are tearing around :)

    • I wish I had their imaginations, they seem to be able to just make games out of anything. The poor cat is terrorised!

  2. Brilliant fun! My boys do the same, although it tends to be less sport and more battle… But, hey ho, they’re outside running around :) Glad you’ve had some nice weather again, makes all the difference. Do feel a bit sorry for your cat though – chasing is probably far too tempting for your wee one!

    • hehe, she can’t resist running after the cat, every time the poor thing appears she takes off after her! The good weather didn’t last long, today it’s been absolutely freezing and pouring, typical Northern Ireland summer really :)

  3. How similar our posts are this week, apart from our greenhouse work free play ruled in our garden too. I actually think it is so good for children to use their imaginations and enjoy their own games. This will help them no end as they grow up. Thank you for linking from your lovely garden and for the kind words about Country Kids.

    • I do love just letting their imaginations run wild Fiona, they can come up with all sorts of things to occupy themselves :)

  4. That looks like fun, it seems sport day fever has hit as even my daughter has sports day this weekend i bet its not as fun as the one at your home. Ps love your huge garden

    • Thank you Laura, we love spending most of our time outside, it stops them from fighting and wrecking the house ha :)

  5. Brilliant! Way to tire themselves out. Nice to see Peppa Pig encouraging kids to do something other than just jumping in muddy puddles ;-) And I LOVE your garden. x

  6. good old Peppa Pig she inspires things in our house too! its great when kids go wild with their imaginations and have fun and fresh air too. lovely post x

    • peppa is responsible for so much lol as are Ben and Holly – although thankfully we haven’t had a jelly flood yet :)

    • Thank you Claire, they do love being outside no matter what the weather is like and I’m more than happy to indulge them in this. All too soon they will become stroppy locked in their bedroom teenagers, I hope that at least they remember happy outside play time :)

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