Room 101

Mary from Over 40 and Mum of One, threw three of her biggest dislikes into Room 101, she then challenged me to do the same.  So here we go, I banish the following things to Room 101 and never want to visit that room!


Bluebottles are the first to go.  I loathe them, they are dirty, noisy and generally a pain in the arse.  They don’t strike fear into my heart the way the rats did with Winston Smith in 1984, but they make me cringe and if I never saw another one again, it would be too soon. They have in my opinion no useful purpose other than to buzz around my house throwing themselves at the windows.  Why did you come in my window in the first place, you are a scourge on my summer, clear off.



Number 2 has to be jarred Frankfurters, hotdogs or any other alleged meat product in a jar of brine.  Honestly – what is that all about, meat in a jar!  Is it meat at all?  I don’t know, I’ve never in my life put one in my mouth and as long as my ass points downwards, I never will.  Why do people eat jarred meat – why, why why?  The very thought of it turns my stomach. Add some squirty cheese and I’m definitely going vegan!

frankfurtersFinally my number 3 has got to be clowns.  Yes, those red nosed happy little chappies that every one thinks are hilarious.  Well I don’t think they are hilarious at all, quite the opposite in fact.  I think they are sinister freaks hiding behind all that makeup, curly wigs and red squashy noses.  They alarm me.  I don’t have full blown Coulrophobia, but they are just a touch too terrifying for my liking.

I blame one of my sisters she collected the feckers!  Everywhere in her bedroom sat these garish freaky things, grinning or sneering out of their plastic faces.  She had everything from CoCo the Clown to those white faced tear drop Pierrots.  I liked none of them and she would torment me with them.  One in particular stood out to me, it was an orange haired talking clown about 2ft tall.  You inserted tiny plastic discs into it’s back and it said a range of phrases.  However, when the batteries started to go flat the voice would change from chirpy little doll to something from the exorcist – I’m telling you that thing was evil.  Then of course I watched both Poltergist and Stephen Kings It and well, that was it.  Don’t even get me started on Ronald McDonald!   From then on all clowns were the work of the devil…….my feelings haven’t changed.

Go on tell me he is cute and funny it





Or this little beauty from Poltergist poltergeist-clown-2





So those are my picks, enough clowning around from me now!  I am passing the challenge across to the lovely Jo, who can always make me laugh, from Ojos World, The photographic genius that is Sarah from A Party of Seven and finally the super baker/crafty Helen from The Good Life Mum

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12 thoughts on “Room 101

  1. Ooh I like it! Will have to think about this one :-) xx
    Ps absolutely frickin hate clowns *shudder*

  2. Agree 100% with the bluebottles – I abhore flies. I spent a holiday in Sril Lanka once and the hotel restaurant was outside (not rare, eaten outside all over the world) but this was just the worst experience of my life – it was impossible to eat ANYTHING without a zillion of the blooming thinga attacking you and your food. My ex and I got to the point of dreading going for dinner – thank god we were only at that location for a week.
    Hotdogs – uum sorry, I don’t mind them occassionally – Kill me now!
    Clowns – have to say I’ve never been into circus clowns but I did have the Pierrot duvet cover – it was my pride and joy in 1970-something!

    Thanks for taking up the challenge :)

    • urgh that sounds awful Mary, I wouldn’t have wanted to go for dinner either. I’m laughing at the tinned hotdogs, I don’t even know what they taste like and I’m the one that keeps tellling my girls they can’t say they don’t like something unless they try it first! My sister had hundreds of Pierrot things, but then she bought the creepy ones too :(

  3. OH MY GOD lady those are 3 epic things that would also be top of my list of 3 dislikes i to have a fear of clowns they just arn’t that funny. I will think of 3 things to post up soon Watch my space :)

    • I do hate them Sara, I hate wasps too, but we don’t get overly bothered by them here, the fruit trees tend to keep them occupied so the rest of the garden and house get left alone :)

  4. I’m loving these Room 101 posts, I’m going to have a go myself later! They’ve got me reminiscing about past episodes of Room 101, I loved the Boris Johnson episode years ago (2007/8 maybe) where he wanted (but failed) to put his bike into Room 101, well not his bike so much as the abuse people throw at him when he’s riding it. And now all those people and thousands more are riding Boris bikes around London, fab! x

    • oooh and regarding your Room 101′s – I hate bluebottles as they lay eggs in my cats food and I’m constantly having to check the bowls and if they’ve been attacked then empty, clean and refill them before the cats get to them! I have better things to do with my summers, thank you Mr Bluebottle! x

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