I used to cook and bake all the time and I absolutely love food and trying out new recipes and ideas.  However, since having the girls, I just haven’t had or been given the time to cook the way I used too.  Now that they are a little older though, I am determined to get back on track and carry on where I left off.  Learning new techniques, experimenting with new flavours and ideas.  I always was much more of a savoury cook rather than sweets, so being a better baker is a definite desire.  Some day you will see a picture of a Croquembouche on these pages and it will be one that I produce!


In the meantime, this is a selection of my recipes, some for main meals, others as snacks and treats.  Most of them are very quick to make or let your slow cooker do all the work.  I will continue to add to it as and when my daughters allow me kitchen time – haha!

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