DK – Treasury of Horses

Treasury of Horses

I received this book free of charge to review from Dorling Kindersley for their website, however, I liked it so much, I thought that I would include my blog review pages. 

The first thing to notice about this publication is the binding, it is a hardcover book and in my opinion stunning to look at, with a splash of glitter to make it even more beautiful.  It grabbed my attention straight away.

Inside every page is filled with beautiful illustrations and/or photographs.  The content covers just about everything you need or want to know about horses.  There is a colourful history of the horse, sections about the various uses and work of horses, how to care for your horse and a lovely story about Sea Biscuit – one of the most famous horses of all.

Separating these sections is the different breed information, again with gorgeous pictures and a write-up about the breed, including other similar breeds.

Unlike many of the other similar books on the market, this book isn’t a standard a-z encyclopedia type reference book.  The layout makes it much more of story.  It is a book that you can sit down and read, it flows well, is interesting, yet still contains all the information you would expect.

The book retails for £14.99 and can be bought direct from Dorling Kindersley hereIt is also available as an Adobe eBook, but given the choice, I know that I would want the beautiful hardback.

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