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I welcome requests from PR companies for products and opportunities relevant to my family, blog and readers. You can contact me via email or Twitter. Please take a look at my PR policy first

As my blog title suggests I am a 40-year-old mother of a 2.5 year old toddler and a now 1 year old baby, both are daddies girls!

I enjoy cooking from scratch, growing my own fruit and vegetables.  I am chief chicken catcher for our 3 crazy egg layers.  We are keen gardeners and enjoy the outdoors.  Living in a rural area, we walk a lot and go on nature/wildlife trails.

I am a keen reader and will cover every genre.  Both of us are gadgeteers, we love keeping up with new technology.  I am not a fashionista, although my babies are already.  However, I do use tons of skin and hair care products and buy jewellery like a demon!

I spend my time now trying to keep our home in some sort of order, especially after an arts and crafts session with our toddler.  Life is hectic but fun and I am always looking for ways to eek even more out of it.  I cook, attempt to bake, make jams and preserves and dabble in crafting regularly.

I dream of one day living in a lovingly restored, blue shuttered French farmhouse, tucked amongst sunflower and lavender fields, where I can cook outside, grow an even bigger array of fruits and vegetables and drink copious amounts of delicious wine, while gorging on bread and cheese!

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