One Week – Tuesday

This morning was another beautiful bright crisp autumn day, perfect for burning off lots of baby energy.  Our garden is now just a mass of leaves and I’m really hoping it can stay dry until the weekend so we get a chance to get them swept up before they turn into complete mush!

We got wrapped up in our fleeces, bodywarmers, hats and boots and ventured out into the great wilderness.  We are fortunate to have a really big garden and being in the countryside, it’s completely secure and private, so the girls can scream, shout and charge around without disturbing anyone.

Our youngest daughter has become fiercely independent since finding her feet and takes off at a rate of knots, giving me that look of “don’t you dare try to slow me down or hold my hand”!

So while her big sister is happily playing at the top of the garden on her slide and swing and rolling in the leaves, little miss bossy boots shoots off to the furthest corner she can get to and plays in those leaves!

Autumn fun at it’s best :)

one week

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10 thoughts on “One Week – Tuesday

  1. Such a cute photo. I really miss having a garden. We have a balcony/terrace which was great pre-kids but now not really enough space for an outdoor-loving two year old. Can’t wait until we move in to our house and I can sit on the doorstep with my cup of tea and watch CK kick–up leaves. It’s the simple things that are often the most joyous.

    • You are so right, the simple things really are the most joyous, we practically live outside and it’s great to just watch them run mad!

    • We are really lucky, the garden was definietly a huge selling point for us when we firsst came to view the house and now that we have the children, I really know how lucky we are

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