One Week – Mud Glorious Mud

Thursday is traditionally atomic meltdown day in our house.  My girls seem to have Thursdayitis.  So today I tried to be one step ahead of the game.  It had rained through the night and there were big muddy puddles everywhere, so I decided I was going to take them out for some puddle jumping, in the hope that they would be just too exhausted to fight with each other and me!

We got all wellied up and headed out, there were a few reasonable puddles around the house, but our back laneway between the fields was just full of gooey muddy puddles and of course that’s exactly where they wanted to go.  So I thought what the heck, let them go mad, it’s only mud, it’ll wash off.

Ha, the end result was that I had 2 little girls covered from head to toe in thick mud and water, their clothes were completely caked, their boots were filled with water and I had to strip them at the back door before bringing them back inside, not the most pleasant experience on a chilly autumn day.  Thank heavens for washing machines and stain removers.

one week


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    • Oh they really did and you’re right that’s exactly what I did, I just thought ah sure they’ll wash and so will the clothes

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