One Week – Diamond Droplets

My wish for the rain to stay away didn’t happen.  This morning was a really grey drizzly day.  For the first time in over a week, I had to haul on my wellies and coat this morning to go and let the chickens out.

I took my phone with me, just in case I saw anything nicely autumnal to get a shot of.  The memory card for my camera has “mysteriously” disappeared (the work of some little fingers) She presented it to me a couple of days ago, having managed to work out how to remove it from the camera :/  Now it has disappeared completely, so until I find it my photos have to be from my phone.

On my way out to the chicken coop, I spotted this little cobweb hanging from my Japanese Acer, it was covered in raindrops, glinting like little diamonds, all the branches were just full of little dripping diamonds.  I wished I’d had my big camera to show them off properly, but unfortunately these are just a couple of shots from my phone.  Definitely not quite as lovely as they should be.

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11 thoughts on “One Week – Diamond Droplets

  1. Still lovely though – I really love these pictures of the web and raindrops. And they really do look like diamonds! Really like your eye for detail! Children have a habit of getting their mitts on things and then losing them don’t they?

    • Surprisingly I took that before I’d even had my morning coffee! Maybe that’s the answer I should cut out the caffine :)

  2. the best camera is the one you have with you! :) I didnt say that a photographer called Chase Jarvis did but i think its so right and i really like those images, they really feel like autumn xx

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