Nutty Season

We’ve had the Autumn Equinox and the new season really is in full force now.  The weather has been lovely, dry, bright and pleasantly mild.  Although there is a distinct chill in the early morning air.

The colours are changing rapidly, my Virginia creeper is now almost completely red and the leaves are beginning to drop.  The other trees in our garden are all yellowing and they too will begin to scatter leaves everywhere.  Although I hate having to clean them up, I can’t wait to get the girls diving into huge piles of them.

The shops are now full of orange and black, as they start selling us Halloween.There are shelves bursting with bags of nuts and sweets for the trick or treaters.  My biggest weakness at this time of year has got to be the assortment of fabulous nuts.  I love filling bowls with walnuts, hazel nuts, brazil and pecans and of course the loveliest little nut of all, peanuts or monkey nuts as we Brits like to call them.

I have finally managed to get my jars ready for my chutney.  However, my apple harvest is even poorer than I thought.  We got out our ladders and picked them and I was disappointed.  Lots of them were spoiled still on the trees, two of my trees hadn’t produced any, so by the time we had collected usable apples, I only had one basket not completely filled.  Most years we end up with 4 to 5 baskets filled to the brim.

I spent the rest of the day peeling, coring and slicing apples until my hands hurt.  Then I baked my first apple pie of the season using my own apples.  The last of our Raspberries have now been frozen, I’m keeping those for some Raspberry Martinis and to have with Champagne and Chambord at Christmas!

My next task is to get our baby girls birthday sorted out, she will be 1 in just 2 weeks time and I have delusions of making a fabulous ice cream birthday cake.  Well in my mind it’s fabulous, in reality it will probably end in disaster and I’ll be dashing out for a shop bought cake at the last-minute.  Then we have our annual Halloween party with bonfire, fireworks, bbq and hot punch. Oh I do so love this time of year.

After that it then becomes the furious, excited planning for the C word – ho ho ho!

Tiny crop

first seasons pie






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