Mystic Meg Me!

I have a very good friend that I’ve known since starting at the IVF clinic all those years ago. She is a little younger than me (humpf) but apart from that our lives have almost mirrored each others.

Her journey into motherhood is a couple of years longer than mine. She has also had 4 miscarriages and a baby loss in her 3rd trimester too. However, about 10 Weeks after I had our first daughter, she had hers, she then had her 2nd about a month before I had ours.  Her husband is in the army – mine was.  She was a part-time police officer, I was a regular full-time one.  She has a younger sister in New Zealand, I have an older sister in New Zealand, albeit on different islands.  It’s scarily uncanny.

We have remained friends and always keep in constant contact with each other.  We don’t get to meet up quite as often as we used to.  We live about 60 miles apart, which isn’t much these days, but when you have 2 small children and a now much busier life, it is more difficult.  However, we would chat every day on Facebook, or text and phone each other.  Lately our Facebook chats have diminished, because she has taken on a part-time job, so she just isn’t online that often.  We do still text at least a couple of times a week and phone each other every couple of weeks.

Last week she had updated her Facebook status in memory of her baby, whose anniversary it was, she also sent a message to me, because she knows our own baby loss anniversary is rapidly approaching.  We ended up phoning each other and just talking for a while, we also arranged to meet up next week before Christmas.

Anyway that night I went to bed and inevitably I dreamt about her.  You know how it is, very often you see or hear something during the day and it will pop up in your dreams.  I dreamt that we met up and she arrived with 3 children!

Today out of the blue, she popped up on my Twitter.  I got a message from her telling me that she’s pregnant!  I actually squealed when I read it, both with delight and with shock.  I’m some kind of weird dream guru – haha.

Any of you that have read my blog before will know that I don’t believe in any of that stuff, I don’t believe in psychics, I don’t believe in fortune tellers and I don’t believe that dreams mean anything more than what has been on our mind coming out.  However, I had a real goose bump moment when I got her tweet.

So there you go, pointless post really, but I just had to share my spooky Mystic Meg moment and offer my services to you.  If anyone wants me to dream of them winning the lottery, or jetting off to some exotic location, let me know. haha, I am joking of course, but you never know!







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  1. if you could dream me up a non dodgy leg that would be great! although you nominating me for the #bootschristmas via Twitter this morning was lovely and almost made me cry (i think its my hormones!) It would be lovely to win however it meant more to me that you had thought of me this morning x THANK YOU x

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