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Once again it has been a horrendous week for weather, we’ve had an inkling of spring, followed closely by torrential rain, gale force wind and snow.  So at the moment the girls seem to be living in their snowsuits, boots, hats and gloves.viewsnow1

My shoulder has been feeling much better so we’ve been venturing further than the garden.  It started to snow again and they were desperate to get out into it, so we went for a big walk down the lanes.  The snow wasn’t lying, but it was being driven hard at us by the wind.  I didn’t realise until we got away from the shelter of the house, just how cold it was.

I opened the five bar gate and off we set.  As we rounded the corner my heart sank a little, the whole lane of course was just full of puddles, great muddy puddles.  A magnet to my girls, they took off at a rate of knots, before I had time to even speak and that was it, they charged through them, they splashed through them, they fell into them.  All in driving snow and freezing wind.

muddy puddles1 peppa1










As I write-up this post, we are on a red weather warning for up to 30cms of snow, the wind is howling and the snowsuits are washed, dried and ready if the Met Office are right!


*Update – I’m linking a little later than normal, because for once the Met Office were spot on.  We have had gale force wind and horrendous snow, so I have been without power, phone or internet for about 18 hours :(

I am linking up again with the brilliant Country Kids and Fiona, who encourages us all to really enjoy the outdoors.  Why not pop over and have a read and maybe join in, it is a fun link.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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18 thoughts on “Mini Peppas – Country Kids

  1. I took z to the zoo this week and all he wanted to do was jump in all the puddles! Don’t think you can beat a jump splash :) we’ve had so much snow today. I’m hoping its gone by tomorrow!

  2. Oh what lovely photos! I love those puddles, you have extra deep ones there! Yours daughters look so happy to be playing outside, regardless of the weather. In the city our puddles stay reasonably shallow ;)

    • Thank you. They do love getting out in all weathers, in fact the wetter and muddier they can get the better!

  3. Yikes so the snow really did come and the power down. Hope you are all back up and running. I love your girls enthusiasm for the outdoors. They have a great Mum who is happy to ignore the washing and let them enjoy their fun. You have caught those puddles perfectly. Looking forward to the snow play for next week now! Thanks for linking up and a lovely mention for Country Kids

    • The snow got really heavy and after lots of flickering on and off the power finally went, along with the phone. We got some great snowy shots for next week x

    • Thank you Sarah. We do tend to get snowed in at least once in the year, it’s harder to deal with now we have the girls. The upside is that it’s only ever for a couple of days!

  4. Oh wow, the weather sounds awful, seriously don’t envy you :( I do love those wet, splashy photos though – the girls were clearly loving it!

    • It has been dreadful Suzanne. Thankfully it seems to be improving and today there was a huge thaw, so the snow is nearly all gone again

    • We get enormous muddy puddles, Peppa would love our house ha! Thankfully the snow has stopped and is in rapid thaw, it’s still windy, but not like it was x

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