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I was tagged by the very lovely Jo from Ojo’s World to answer some Christmas questions.  I always loved Christmas, although it was always a time that I felt sad and hurt that I didn’t have children of my own, I still loved the season.  Then we lost our son on the 13th Dec 2008, his funeral was on the 19th and it was so close to Christmas, that I hated Christmas that year.  The following year, I was pregnant again and terrified, so Christmas 2009 passed in a haze of pregnancy worry and grief at the anniversary of his death.  Christmas 2010 we had our daughter and for the first time in 3 years I had a wonderful happy Christmas.  2011, we had daughter number 2 and although she was a tiny baby, it was the family Christmas I’d always wanted.  2012, they are both boisterous toddlers and I am so excited about making it special for them.  I’ve got my Christmas magic back.

So here goes my answers to the questions.

What is your favourite thing about Xmas?

For me it is the feeling of Christmas itself, the change in people, how we are generally all a little more tolerant, a little more forgiving and a little more friendly, the frantic shoppers, the happy shoppers, the silly shopping centre Santa’s, the streets festooned with lights, the drive me insane piped Christmas music.  Fairy Tale of New York, no matter how mad it drives me, I like to hear it at least once.  Chris Rea, driving home for Christmas playing on the radio while I’m in the car.  Hearing a choir sing “Oh Holy Night” – wow that Carol makes the hair stand on the back of my neck.  There is a You Tube video of Aled Jones singing this as a duet with himself as boy and then as a man, it’s amazing.  Transforming our house into my little slice of glowing Christmas. Yep, I guess I am a sucker for the festive season :)

Whats your favourite make up look for the season?

Oh wow, I’m lucky to get my face washed these days!  I don’t wear a lot of make up, but I do have to wash my hair every day, regardless of my daughters protests that I dare step into the shower.  If I manage to put on make up, it’ll be a bit of mineral foundation powder on my face, some grey eyeliner and a flick of mascara and possibly some plumish coloured lippy.

Real or Fake tree?

Real, going out for the tree is part of our Christmas ritual now, it becomes a whole expedition.  Although this year, I’ve gone way overboard and have 3 trees.  One real one in our main sitting room and 2 artificial ones, one in the kitchen and one in the girls playroom!

Giving or receiving presents?

I’m a giver, although I do love getting a surprise gift, who doesn’t?  I love buying and making things for people.  I make chutneys, jams, Sloe Gin and candles for my sisters, but even sourcing the perfect jars, scents for the candles etc is planned months in advance!

What is your favourite Xmas film

It’s a Wonderful Life, I watch it every year, I even have the limited edition anniversary version on DVD!  I do love Patrick Stewart as Ebenezer Scrooge, but George Bailey and Clarence the Angel just have the edge.

What’s your favourite Xmas food?

Anything that doesn’t contain marzipan or sweet mince – arggggh.  I do love turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches and I can’t walk past the fridge without stealing another slice of baked ham.  I am also crazy about honey roast cashew nuts – so many calories, but oh so delicious.  I keep telling myself not to even buy them, but they are a temptation I can’t resist.  So to make sure they are gotten rid of, I eat them all in about an hour on Boxing Night :0

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  1. I love your christmas list and I’m sorry that I didn’t comment before :( I’ve just realised that this post has yet to be done…..*adds it to the list of things to do*!! If I get a chance before the big day, I will join in :) Thanks for tagging me x

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