It’s Mine, Mine I Tell You!

I always knew that being a mother to two girls under the age of three would be challenging.  Actually challenging is much too weak a word, at the moment it feels as though I’ve been turned inside out, driven over by an articulated lorry and then laughed at!  Every day I watch our innocent little 15 month old, turning into the devil incarnate!  They gang up on me, they conspire against me and then they laugh! Our 2.5 year old has taken to saying “aye aye captain mummy” to every request that I make!

It is lovely to watch the bond between them grow, they are best friends, they love each other deeply, they copy each other, they babble together, they hug each other if one cries – but they also wreak havoc together.  My learning curve has been gargantuan and here is the latest addition to the manual of my motherhood journey.


Possession Rules

When I read these rules, I thought yep, this happens daily in my house.  These rules of course, being toddler rules are subject to change at the drop of a hat!


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