Inappropriate Bear Behaviour

Another glorious summer day, so we decided to go to the zoo.  It was my first attempt to go there without another “responsible” adult.  Daddy was working, but I decided to bite the bullet and try going it alone.

I packed us a picnic, took loads of nappies, sun cream and changes of clothes and off we went.  My only faux pas, was not taking extra batteries for my camera and of course it ran out of steam before we were finished!

Being such a good day the zoo was pretty crowded, but we just took our time and managed to avoid most of the big crowds.

We had loads of fun in the children’s petting zoo.  The Lemurs roam free and tend to come right onto your shoulders if you get close enough.  The girls were delighted by them and our baby squealed with delight when they jumped and swung on their ropes.

Our zoo is a conservation zoo, which means they run a breed and release programme.  They breed ferocious animals and then release them into the local community as a means of crime prevention.  I am joking of course, but maybe……  They actually run a really successful programme and most of the species there are in danger of extinction.  They have had lots of success in releasing animals back into the wild.

The zoo is pretty much entirely uphill and it gets quite steep in places, so I had brought the double pushchair, just in case our toddler couldn’t make it the whole way.  Amazingly though she did and was much more capable of the climb up the hills than I was.  At times I thought I might need an extra lung!

We made it right to the top though and right to the last exhibit.  The very cute Sun Bear.  There are 4 of them in a really big enclosure.  As we approached the viewing gallery, there were quite a few people around and the adults were laughing and moving their children away.  I looked in to see what was happening and there right up beside the viewing screen was a male sun bear.  Sitting on his bum with his legs spread, just watching the crowd.  On closer inspection, I saw what everybody was laughing at.  As unconcerned as you like, he was sitting there masturbating!  I kid you not.  Now I have never seen a bear masturbate, but that is definitely what he was doing and he was loving the fact that he had an audience!  He then decided that he wasn’t close enough to his viewers, so he got up and moved even closer, sat down and started again.  People were laughing with sheer disbelief and amusement at this “performing” bear.  Thankfully the screen was too high for my toddler to see over.  Because, I was too hot and exhausted to even think of an answer for her, when she would have asked the inevitable question about what he was doing!

I managed to divert her away to the cafe and I chuckled into my coffee.  We then headed for the sea-lion enclosure – a much safer option.

So I have now added masturbating bear to my list of bizarre things that I have encountered!

I had a line from Simon and Garfunkel in my head for the rest of the day.  “Something tells me it’s all happening at the zoo.”  Today it certainly was.

The very well behaved sea lions

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