I’m Armless Really

As some of you are aware, I have torn my shoulder cuff and therefore am like a bear with a sore head!  It is such a silly injury and I have no idea how I did it, but boy does it hurt.  It hurts to move my arm forwards or to the side, I can’t put my clothes on without yowling, I can’t brush my hair properly or tie it up.  So not only am I grumpy, I look like the wild woman of Borneo!

bear with a sore head

Grudgingly, I had to go to the doctor and had to get my mother to brush my hair and tie it up for me.  It was a flash back to being about 6 years old and having my head wigged off me as she digs some vented hairbrush through my scalp!

I got to the doctors and it was of course packed.  My surgery is in a building that houses a few other practices and the waiting area is divided up into 5 sections with glass panels.  I was sitting there watching the screen waiting for my name and realising that they were behind schedule and I’d be stuck there for ages. 

My mood darkened even more and to make matters even worse most of the people were sitting there glued to their mobiles texting.  I don’t have a problem with that, except for the fact that half of them didn’t have their phones on silent.  So all I could hear were constant beeps, squeaks, bird type noises and click, click, clicks!

Am I the only person who finds that constant clicking of someone texting at speed irritating.  I wanted to take the phone off the woman beside me and throw it across the room at the man who had the Great Escape ringtone!  His phone must have rung a dozen times in the space of twenty minutes.

Two women on the other side of the glass panel behind my head started to talk extremely loudly.  The conversation went a little like this “How is Lucy, is she married or anything?”……”No, not married, but she’s been with a man for a couple of years now, she’s desperate now to have his baby.”…….”Oh who is he, do I know him?”…..”You might, he’s called John Doe (he’s not, but I can’t put his name) he’s married though!”……”Oh, I see and she wants to have his baby.”……”Yes, she’s madly in love with him, he’s madly in love with her too.  His wife is a complete bitch though, he can’t leave her yet because she’d clean him out for child maintenance.  You might know her she’s Jane Doe (not) and works in M&S as a supervisor….”Oh, yes, I know exactly who you mean.”

The conversation continued like this, until myself and the rest of the waiting room knew everything about this family, the names of his children, what school they went to and his supposed marital problems!  The woman beside me (the one NOT texting) turns to me and says “This is unbelievable, I really don’t need to hear this.”  So I told her that I was sorely tempted to say something.  She of course then dared me to.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for a dare.  Despite having little sympathy for the man involved, I did think it was exceptionally unfair on his wife and children, that this loud mouthed old woman was discussing their family in a public place.

At that point my name came up on the screen to see the Doctor.  So I got up put my head around the glass panel and said to the gossiping woman.  “The next time that you want to discuss the fact that my best friends husband is sleeping around with your daughter, perhaps you should do so in private or have some consideration for the people sitting around you. As for telling the entire waiting room the details of his family, including his two young children – shame on you madame.”


At that point I turned and walked into my appointment, leaving her exceptionally embarrassed, not knowing what to do or say and the rest of the waiting room laughing and clapping!  Some elderly man actually shouted after me “thank god for that, I was on the brink of shoving my stick down her throat!”

I know I told a complete and utter lie about even knowing these people, I have no idea who they are, well I do now courtesy of this woman!  She just made me so angry, she really was talking loudly, it almost seemed as though she was purposefully talking louder than normal, to attract attention.  I was in the mood from hell and this old Biddy added to it, so really she had to be told.

I really hope my arms heals quickly or else I’m liable to end up in a bag in a river somewhere!

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  1. Unbelievable!! I do hope that your arm will heal quickly, obviously because of the pain but also to spare you another morning or afternoon like this one…

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