I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Has Gone-#OneWeek

We have reached the end of the gorgeous #OneWeek linky, hosted by the beautiful writer Sarah from Older Mum.  Her theme this week was Spring and the entries were stunning.  Why not pop across and have a read and join in for her last day.

We had sunshine, lots of lovely glorious sunshine.  The weeds exploded, the grass went a bit wild and crazy and our ride on lawn mower died.  Mowing our grass with a regular mower is no mean feat, it takes at least 2 hours, a lot of sweat, swearing (when the children are out of the way!) and getting eaten alive by midges.

The job was made easier though by the  Cherry Blossom floating around me like confetti and the little discoveries that I found during my exhaustion breaks.

Cherry Blossom

 Whilst hanging over the mower handle dreaming of an oxygen tank or a spare lung, I noticed a little patch of lilac behind some trees.  Further investigation led me to a beautiful little bed of Bluebells that had never been there before.  I stood there for ages just admiring them, listening to the birds singing and rejoicing inwardly at the real sight of Spring.


one week

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12 thoughts on “I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Has Gone-#OneWeek

  1. Spring is always worth the wait. I love seeing bluebells! You can’t help but stop…kind of like roses in summer.

  2. What a lovely surprise that was – aren’t bluebells just magical? And mowing your lawn without the ride on sounds a bit of a mare to say the least! Thank you so much for joining in this week. X

    • I do love Bluebells Sarah. The old ride on breaking down has been a nightmare, it is a real killer hand mowing that lawn! Thank you for hosting Oneweek. You know I love this linky xxx

  3. Oh wow, just look at the blossom! And the bluebells! My garden is just grass. We had to get rid of everything else because we are such crap gardeners and couldn’t keep on top of it. Sad really, as there was a beautiful bush with purple flowers – can you tell what a bad gardener I am? I have no idea what it is called. Well, somewhere the word ‘budleia’ is teasing at the edge of my mind but I might just be making that up.

    • Oh thank you Judith. I’m not a good gardener either, I’m just lucky that mine tends to take care of itself :)

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