How Does Your Garden Grow – Nov 7th

First off, I have to apologise to any of you whose blog I haven’t visited yet to return comments from last week. I have a few health things going on with me right now, the weather has been playing havoc with my internet connection, both girls have had dreadful colds so none of us have slept and as a result I have fallen right behind with my reading and commenting. I promise though, that I will catch up with everyone this week and get up to date with you all.

Autumn is definitely here and judging by how cold it has become, winter isn’t far behind. The garden is very wet and soggy and there are leaves everywhere, with another mountain load still to come down! There is still colour though. My Hydrangea has changed colour again, but the flower heads are clinging on refusing to die away.
My Japanese Acer is still clinging onto it’s leaves, although it’s beginning to look a little droopy now.Japanese Red Acer
My little yellow Acer is looking pretty spectacular. It really stands out against everything else.
Yellow Acer
Some of you may remember “Big Tree” from my posts during the summer. He is losing his leaves fast and not looking quite as magnificent as he does in spring and summer.
Big Tree
My Corkscrew Hazel has started to get it’s catkins. Poking out from the behind the crumpled leaves like spooky little white fingers.
Corkscrew Hazel Catkins
Finally for this week, I had a little play with focal black and white and snapped my lovely apple feeder from behind the Corkscrew Hazel.
Apple Bird Feeder
I am linking up with my lovely friend Annie from Mammasaurus for her beautiful How Does Your Garden Grow linky. Annie has really created something very colourful and beautiful and she work tirelessly to share the fabulous posts that link up. Do go and have a look, I guarantee you’ll find something to make you smile and brighten your day.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


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10 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow – Nov 7th

  1. Your garden is looking lovely, so happy you have been out in it for a wander – you know I covet your curly sticks! Loving the skillz on that last photo too :)
    Sorry to hear you have been feeling rough – I hope you are ok x

    Much love and thanks for joining in – shout if you need me x

  2. Oh, that yellow Acer is fab! Love it :) In my next garden I am definitely getting an Acer! Very clever on the b&w focal thing, very cool :) Hope you’re feeling okay lovely? And that the kids are on the mend xx

  3. Hope you’re alright lovely, do shout if you need anything even if it’s someone to lift your mood. Don’t expect jokes though, I only know one and it’s pretty rubbish!

    Your acers are both looking rather spectacular – I really love the yellow one especially. Your catkins do look like spooky fingers, how funny. I love the photo of your bird feeder with it in the background, such a great tone. Fabulous photos as always :)

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, you made my day xxx

  4. Your yellow Acer is stunning. I seem to see mostly red ones, but i think the yellow fits in better with native trees. Parts of your corkscrew Hazel are looking postively purple. Love it how nature seems to combine autumn and spring almost effortlessly

  5. Sorry to hear about all the health problems you and the rest of your family have been experiencing – it’s all about down time then. Don’t worry about not commenting, that’s the last of your concerns at the moment. I currently have a lot of yellow leaves over the garden at the moment, and like you, flowers hanging on until the bitter end – the pink flowers on the garden sage are still going for it! X

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