Heat Wave – #One Week

The temperatures are soaring, the sky is blue.  It is hot, hot and sticky, a bit of a shock to the system.  Summer hasn’t been this sunny or hot for a few too many years.  We live in the garden, getting up in the morning, throwing open the door and staying out there until bedtime.
blue sky

The whirring sound of my laptop fan has been replaced with the sounds of summer.  The shrieking of my girls as they splash into the water in their pool.  The buzzing of the bees as they gather nectar and pollinate the flowers and plants around the garden and the sound of my own contented sighs.


I am completely at peace, surrounded by those I love, in surroundings that I love.  Watching with wonder as every day another delicate flower unfurls and reveals itself to us.  Colour everywhere, vibrant oranges, pinks and yellows, cool blues and papal purples.

yellow lillies



The growing apples are a constant source of toddler wonder, mainly “we wonder when they will be ready mummy.”  The vegetables are being lovingly weeded and watered and the homegrown lettuce picked and added to our lunchtime menu.



Days spent in the fields, at the beach and the park.  Family get togethers, pool parties and barbecues, warm evenings watching the sun go down, sipping a glass of wine, waiting for the first twinkling stars to appear.  Summer, please stay a little longer, I’ve missed you.



one week

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4 thoughts on “Heat Wave – #One Week

  1. Lovely post. So nice that we actually had a summer in the end isn’t it? And I am so glad I took a break from the blog – I needed to really enjoy the summer. I just can’t imagine how amazing the summer was for you and your girls with that incredible garden of yours! X (thank you for linking up again).

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