Growing Pains

Today our lives changed a little once again.  Our routine, altered, our long lazy mornings gone.  The day that has been waited for all summernursery school long arrived.

Yes, my 3 year old BABY! has been snatched away to nursery school. My first born daughter, my miracle baby, has of today begun her journey in earnest into independence. I was excited for her, I know how good this will be for her, but, oh my word, it doesn’t half stab you in the heart. Suddenly after just over three years, I have to entrust one of my most precious assets to the care of strangers. Albeit, they are teachers and nursery assistants, but strangers nonetheless.

I didn’t cry (I’d done that the night before!) I did, however, have to fight back the tears as I brushed and tied up her hair.  I kissed the top of her head a little bit longer than normal, when I gave her a hug, I squeezed a little bit tighter.  As we entered the building, she faltered, ever so slightly, her hand sunk into mine a little bit deeper. Then it happened, the lure of the nursery classroom took over and I felt those little fingers slip out of my grasp, she looked up at me with those deep cornflower blue eyes and said “I think I’ll go and paint mummy”.  In that moment, my little girl grew up just a little bit more. Tomorrow, she is on her own, the parents relegated to the outer limits and as odd as it may seem, I want her to let go of my hand quicker, I want her to want me to leave. I want her to soar.



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16 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. awww honey this made me have the lump at the back of my throat!! you bugger! they really do grow up so so quickly. xx

    thank you for linking up such a massive moment with #MagicMoments xx

  2. Wow what an incredible post Nichola, you got me! Today must have been tough but it sounds like you did brilliantly and your daughter left you happy. Well done!! Here’s to her independence and seeing her soar. A wonderfully written post, thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  3. It’s such a big step, but it’s so good for them. She will have the best time – as will you, hearing all about her exciting days! Seeing her confident and secure in a new setting just shows what a good job you’re doing xx

    • Oh thank you Sara, you are right, it will be really good for her and she’s more than ready for it. I’m looking forward to sticking paintings on the fridge :)

  4. aw she is gorgeous in her little uniform. I remember sending my son into school and he just walked of confidently and i felt so incredibly proud of him. Hope she has a fab time!

  5. I just shed a little tear for you, and for me. My baby goes back tomorrow. He is no longer a nursery baby, or a reception child, he is year 1! I cannot cope…….xx

    • oh Jo, hugs for both of us, they just grow up so very quickly. I’m still a bit shell shocked when I drop her off. I do hope little A has a good day tomorrow and I hope that you are ok too xx

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