Granny Syndrome

Most women at some point seem to have that “oh no, I’m turning into my mother moment!”  I, however, am having a “holy shamoly, I’m turning into my granny moment!”  Yes, I am skipping a generation and going for granny gold.

I used to love making cocktails and decadent puddings, now I make jam and feckin chutney….you see I am my granny.

I used to love drinking a nice gin and tonic, now I get a buzz out of making and bottling Sloe Gin for others, nothing wrong with that, except my granny made Sloe Gin!

I used to love reading Cosmopolitan and Vogue.  Now, well now, I own a copy of Mrs Beetons Jams, pickles and preserves and I love looking for a new pickle recipe to try…….you see I definitely am my granny!


I used to love buying new shoes and bags.  Now, oh dear lord, now I have a penchant for Jars!  Not just any jars mind you, Kilner and Mason jars, the Ferrari and Lambourgine of the jar world in my opinion. I have developed a need to just keep buying jars.  If anything sits still long enough in my house, it now runs a risk of being jarred.


I have a Kilner Jar for almost any occasion.  What started as a nice jar to use for my Christmas Chutney gifts, has developed into a dread at the thought of giving one away.  I now don’t want to part with them and to my great shame, bought different Volvo type jars to use as the gift jars instead of giving away my supercar models!

I think the evidence is pretty damning, I am my grandmother.  What makes that even worse is that I never knew one grandmother, she died when I was tiny and the other one, well I didn’t like her very much and don’t have any fond memories of her, so this may not bode well.


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10 thoughts on “Granny Syndrome

  1. This so made me laugh!! lol maybe you need to get out the house and buy some new shoes and get trollied, However i have to say i bloody love jam!

    • You are so right Jaime, I feel like being a rebel and blowing our entire budget on a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes! or maybe I should buy some cheaper shoes and a pair of stick on red soles from Ebay :)

  2. well both my grannies were super cool so you can turn into one of mine if you want. I too am getting there as I sit crocheting and drinking tea of an evening. Love your jar collection although I’ve not got into jams and chutneys just yet, I’ve a jumper to crochet first. x

    • I will opt for one of your grannies Sarah, either that or I’ll stop giving away my Sloe Gin and start drinking it!

  3. Loved this post so much!! So excited to find there are others just like me!!! Obsessed with jars! And good jars at that!

    • lol, thank you Amy. I am a jaroholic, I can’t walk past a Kilner or Mason jar without buying another one. It’s a relief to know I’m not alone in my obsession!

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