How Does Your Garden Grow – Oct 3rd

Can you believe it’s October already, this year seems to have flown by. The weather here is definitely getting colder, wetter and windier. My creeper finally reached it’s most glorious, but I suspect that this week will be the last photographs that I have of it for you, until spring. Judging by the amount of red leaves swirling past my windows, the wind will have it stripped by the weekend.

virginia creeper in Autumn
virginia creeper Autumn red leaves

We spent most of the weekend trying to get the garden sorted for winter, more pruning and cutting back. We managed to get the grass cut – well you need nice short grass to roll around and jump about in all those leaves that are beginning to turn and fall!

yellow autumn leaves

I have also developed a bit of a fascination with mushrooms, they are such a symbol of autumn and there are so many of them in the garden this year, that I can’t resist just snapping pictures of them. As I said in a previous post, I have no idea about mushroom identification, so I don’t know which, if any of these are edible. I’ll just leave them alone and stick to taking pictures of them I think.

grey  cap mushroom
cep - wild mushroom
flat cap mushrooms
large flat mushrooms
little cep mushroom
brown cap mushroom
large flat mushroom
little mushrooms


So that is my garden this week, not quite so much colour, but an abundance of shrooms!

I am linking up with the lovely Annie from Mammasaurus for the brilliant and beautiful How Does Your Garden Grow linky. It never fails to brighten my week.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


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22 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow – Oct 3rd

  1. The colour on your creeper is amazing!!! I like the heart shape that’s been formed by a gap in the red leaves. Great mushroom photos :)

  2. Oh my shroom fest! I’m loving the abundance of fungi this week, loving it!

    I cut our grass at the weekend and it’s long again already! Your creeper is stunning, I bet it’s cool to watch the red leaves blowing past your window.

    I can’t believe it’s October already – it only feels like yesterday we were saying the same about it being the start of September!!!

    Thanks for joining in again – I know I always say it but I do mean it! x

    • Aren’t they brilliant, everywhere I look there are tons of them all different. They creeper is now almost naked too. Autumn just seems really colourful this year, or maybe it’s just that this linky makes me notice it more. It’s a great linky Annie and definitely makes me more aware of the beauty on my doorstep x

  3. Love, love, love that creeper – lots amazing!!! Such a beautiful colour. I bet you’re delighted you took photos of it though its journey to being amazeballs! Loving you have so many varieties of schroom too – wonderful :)

  4. Love all the mushrooms! And you know I love that creeper :) We’re definitely heading into autumn now, although it’s been in the 20′s all this week here, which feels strange!

    • Aren’t the mushrooms great Sara, I’ve become a bit obsessed by them. Autumn is definitely here for sure, I wish it would go into the 20s!

    • Thank you Katia, I think it’s reached the end now, the wind has ravaged it a bit, it was lovely while it lasted x

  5. That creeper is gorgeous! And I always thought mushrooms were fun little things to have! That make for interest and the ones that poof when you step on them are especially fun.

    • Thank you Kathleen, oh yes the poofing mushrooms, I haven’t seen any of those for years. I’m on a mission now to find them, I think they might be puffball mushrooms x

  6. Look at all those shrooms – you must get plenty of fairies in your garden. That creeper is awesome. I am enjoying the cutting back, making the garden all tidy, can get a bit messy over the autumn. X

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