How Does Your Garden Grow – Oct 10th

The weather has definitely taken a turn for the worse here and Autumn is in full swing.  I’m amazed though at the number of plants that are still flowering and am delighted by how much colour seems to be lingering.

Sadly my beautiful creeper has reached the end of it’s glory, it has been wind ravaged and is now almost naked.

Virginia Creeper I have gathered up a huge bag of the gorgeous leaves with a craft idea in mind! Haha, yes, me, with my limited craft ability am contemplating making something.  You may not actually get to see because whilst it looks wonderful in my head, the reality will probably be a whole lot different… this space.

I’ve also been back on the mushroom hunt and have found out that these huge ones are Parasol mushrooms and edible (although, I think I’ll pass!).

Parasol MushroomParasol MushroomsParasol Mushroom

My apple trees are still providing us with fruit and although they are beginning to die off now my Autumn Raspberries are fabulously sweet, possibly even nicer than the summer ones.

applesAutumn Raspberry
My Hydrangea is showing no signs of stopping blooming and once again this year my Montbretia has flowered late.

So that’s my offering for this week.  It will be strange to see the trees naked again when the leaves finally all come off, but for now I’m looking forward to more golds, reds, oranges and browns, pumpkins, fireworks and bonfire smoke.

I am linking up with the fabulous Annie from Mammasaurus for the beautiful How Does Your Garden Grow linky, a real highlight of my blogging week.


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37 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow – Oct 10th

  1. Even though almost naked, your creeper is still looking rather spectacular. I was thinking of it earlier this week funnily enough – we saw lots of red leaves at the Winkworth Arboretum. Looking forward to hearing about your craft idea, that’s rather exciting! The flowers are looking fabulous too. Those mushrooms are pretty special and it’s great you have raspberries. Ours seem to have been eaten!

    • Thank you Charly, it has been particularly beautiful this year. I’m not sure how good this crafting business will be, a bit like my baking it’s always better in my head ha :)

  2. Morning! Is it wrong that I am envisaging you in some sort of American Beauty pose with those creeper leaves? It is isn’t it?

    I can’t wait to see what sort of craft you have in mind, I too have a crafty plan *mwhahahahhahaaaaa*

    It really feels like the hydrangeas and raspberries are clinging on to Summer trying to drag it into Autumn this year. Sure the newly found cold weather will put pay to that soon enough *sad face*

    Thanks ever so much for joining in and sharing – hope all’s good your end x

    • hahaha American Beauty – have you been on the gin! I am going to attempt my crafts at the weekend, it might just go in the bin though! I’m on the mend Annie, thank you xxx

  3. Oh, I love the smell of wood smoke in the fall! We caught a whiff coming out of a restaurant the other night and realized another restaurant had a wood burner in the middle of their patio. With the leaves turning that surrounded the place, I wanted to go and sit.

    I can’t believe your hydrangea and montbretia! They really are stubborn, huh?

  4. i love going on a wild mushroom hunt but am always skeptical about eating them as well. what if they are not really edible???? your hydrangeas are still looking beuatiful!

  5. Does your craft idea involve glueing every dried leaf back onto your creeper? ;) I am curious now. Good to see your hydrangea is still blooming. Mine is too but the heads have started to turn brown in places so I don’t think it’ll be long before they die off. Roll on fireworks and bonfire smoke! :)

  6. You have a hydrangea! I would love hydrangeas in the garden, so beautiful. Those mushrooms look great but I doubt I would eat them either! Lovely pics.

    • ah thank you, that hydrangea never fails to impress me, it seems to bloom for months on end, last year I had frozen blooms as winter frost came before it died off,

  7. Oh my what large fungi you have Nichola! Ha ha! They are amazing. And I have to say your creeper is still looking rather spectacular! Lovely post – this linky is great for smiles isn’t it? xx

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  9. Is it wrong that I recreated that American Beauty scene recently with 100 Ferrero Rocher?

    Don’t answer that. Hopping over from Love All Blogs. Loving the mushroom shot. That is just brilliant.

  10. Oh my goodness: your garden looks like a treasure-trove. I’ve been trying with little success to identify which mushrooms in our wood are edible. Not sure I’m ready to risk it yet but they look pretty!

    • thank you, I do love the mushrooms, but like you wouldn’t risk it, I think even if I was told 100% they were edible I’d still be wary!

    • Thank you Carolin, I am loving the Autumn colours and yes those ones are really sharp tangy apples, I can never resist pulling one off the tree every time I walk past.

  11. I love Virginia creepers and I have so much envy for your Parasol mushrooms! We ate shaggy parasols last year.You need to pick and cook within a couple of days of them making an appearance.

  12. I love this time of year. The colours in your garden look vibrant and heart-warming. It is great that the garden is still producing food too. I hope that lasts a few more weeks before the chill really begins to set in x

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